I’m Terrified of the Coronavirus

I have a bazillion layers of anxiety.

I am surrounded by an invisible enemy: the indetectable, possibly ubiquitous SARS-CoV (which causes COVID-19).

I am terrified:

For my family.

For my community.

For my fellow business owners.

For all the service workers out there.

The walls are closing in. There is SARS-CoV EVERYWHERE. I can see it. The invisible threat.

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    I’m sure my cat brought it in from outside.
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    How can I let my child play in his room?
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    Or the living room?
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    And it’s definitely all over my neighborhood.

And all of this is outside of my control. It’s outside of your control. Literally none of us has any control over the situation.

Besides, of course, washing our hands, staying the f*ck home, and sanitizing everything all the time.

We have no control over whether we’ve been exposed. Over when it happened, if it did.

We are living in constant fear of catching it, dying from it, our loved ones dying from it…

We, as humans, don’t do well with a lack of control. We like certainty, regularity, schedules.

This is trying for all of us.

How are you getting through? Let us know in the comments. Sending you strength and love during this time.

About the Author

Professional worrier. Mom, entrepreneur. Lifetime student of brain science. Passionate about surviving what's coming (climate change, wtf) and staying as sane as possible. Determined to make the best of the end of the world.

Shit is getting real.

We're stronger together. Stick with us and we'll get through it.

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