We are at a precipice. We can choose how this moment looks. We can choose how our future looks.

Yes, these are extremely stressful times. We are in the middle of a crisis the likes of us have not seen in our lifetimes. We are all being forced to make difficult decisions when it comes to our livelihood and that amount of stress can take a toll on our mental and physical state.

But your family needs you. Your friends need you. The world needs you right now. Today, we have a choice. We can choose happiness.

Our goal is to be a little ray of sunshine breaking through the hard shell of terror that is currently subsuming our world.

Together, we will rebuild.

The Team

Jennifer “Jen” Heller


Professional worrier. Mom, entrepreneur. Lifetime student of brain science. Determined to make the best of the end of the world.

As a mom and a long time entrepreneur, I have encountered my fair share of challenges. For the last 20 years, I’ve been working with solopreneurs and non-profits alike. Conjuring up out-of-the-box ideas is my specialty and with the current worldwide crisis at hand, I know that approaching this in the traditional sense isn’t going to cut it.

As a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, I decided to take my expertise and find creative and fun ways to combat the devastating and long-lasting effects this pandemic could have on our well-being.

I run Artsy Geek, an Oakland-based creative agency. We are available for hire.

I am also available for online speaking engagements and team-building workshops. I lead an engaging interactive workshop on Finding Humor & Getting By in Today’s World. Book me now!


Robyn Adams


Robyn Adams is an Oakland, CA based illustrator and designer. She studied illustration and sequential art at Academy of Art College San Francisco and worked in the animation industry for 15 years as a background painter before starting her freelance design and illustration business at SecretFanBase.com


Leanne Dunn

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Leanne is Jennifer’s right hand at Artsy Geek. With a BFA in Visual Communications, she is a trained fine artist and graphic designer who works with inspired mastery in a variety of mediums.

She currently resides in the PNW and when she’s not busy brainstorming up fun ideas for Here Comes the Apocalypse, you’ll find her at home snuggled up with her two frenchies while playing Animal Crossing.


Leah Yael Levy


Leah Yael Levy is a visual artist storyteller and teacher based in Berkeley, CA.

Born and raised in Moshav Beit Lechem Haglilit, Israel. She first moved to New York City in 2002 to attend the Art Students League of New York, and later gained a BFA of Illustration from Parsons the New School for Design (2011). After four years creating visuals for The Unemployed Philosophers Guild (Brooklyn), she moved to California to pursue an MFA in Comics at California College of the Arts (2017).  She works as a Teaching Artist for Kala Art Institute, the Richmond Art Center and the JCC of the East Bay.


Vicki Macchiavello


Vicki is a writer, collage artist, and someone who loves to create community.  She is a mom of three who is keeping it together… somehow. Follow her writing on Patreon.

Alexandra Heller

Alex Heller


Sister of Creator Jennifer Heller, Alex’s life quest is to find and spread the ideas the world needs. in her free time, she is learning animation and attempting people to give qi gong a try.

Arnold Heller


A former science editor for the Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory, the “Great Arno” offers his scientific expertise and the experience of a lifetime of prepping.

Clare Dunnett Mullins


A California-based British transplant who is obsessed with crime drama, good meaty literature, and sarcastic comedy. Most days happily keeping half a household together with two littles and one wife during quarantine. I’m also learning to be a full time working adult and sub adequate educator of a toddler 👀👀

Shit is getting real.

We're stronger together. Stick with us and we'll get through it.

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