Did you start a disaster preparedness plan and couldn’t finish because it was too overwhelming? Or maybe the process was so boring you fell asleep every time you tried. Or maybe you were just too busy or anxious to start one in the first place.

That’s because everyone else sucks at creating disaster prep resources!

We solve these problems with a step-by-step preparedness system that brings dark humor and a lot of fun to the prep process.

We did the research so you don’t have to. It was exhausting, so you’re welcome.

You’ll stay engaged all the way to the end, with top-notch results: a comprehensive disaster plan, usefully curated gear, drills that make sense for your situation, and recurring maintenance tasks that will help keep your family out of harm’s way during an emergency.

Take Your First Disaster Prep Baby Steps
Literally any step is better than no step at all! Our tools are brimming with checklists so you can relax and get started right away.

Hi, I’m Jen.

I’m not a disaster prepper. I’m a mom who is watching the state of the world and is f*cking terrified. But, I’m ready to take action AND help you.

Now, every time I would try to create a disaster plan, all the websites were so boring, they made me want to gouge my eyes out.

My super power is taking complicated information and breaking it down into easy-to-understand pieces. I also was a Girl Scout until I was, um, 18 years old, so I know a little something about preparedness. And so I created Here Comes the Apocalypse.

Welcome. You’re in the right place.

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Our Team


Jennifer “Jen” Heller


Professional worrier. Mom, entrepreneur. Lifetime student of brain science. Determined to make the best of the end of the world.

becca hunter, HCTA contributor

Becca Hunter

Jokes, Research, & Writing

Becca started building fires, tying knots, and pooping outside long before she got her degree in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, but both educations have played a key role in her contributions to HCTA.

Her passion for low-impact living and disaster preparedness developed while she was a student at UC Berkeley, where she quietly awaited The Big One… which never came. She did get to compost some very expired items from an earthquake kit in her co-op, though, so that’s certainly a win.

She’s a freelance writer when she’s not doing Important Corporate Work (TM). She hopes this has made you smile.


Leanne Dunn

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

With a BFA in Visual Communications, Leanne is a trained fine artist and graphic designer who works with inspired mastery in a variety of mediums.

She currently resides in the PNW and when she’s not busy brainstorming up fun ideas for Here Comes the Apocalypse, you’ll find her at home snuggled up with her frenchie while playing Animal Crossing.


Sarah Fields

Contributor & Editing

Sarah joined Here Comes the Apocalypse from her digital marketing work at Artsy Geek. Her Go- and Stay Bags contain matcha as a comfort item along with a massive power bank to stay connected.

Katherine Esperanza

Research & Fact Checking

Katherine Esperanza is a Los Angeles based writer. When she’s not conjuring new queer slice-of-life short stories, she’s busy watching the newest films, out at queer shows, supporting queer artists, or just checking out the queer community as a whole.

A former international non-profiteer, small business owner, and co-op’er, Katherine is delighted to help introduce more leftist politics into the disaster preparedness/prepper sphere, which is currently far too right-wing.

Here Comes the Apocalypse Editorial Team


It takes a village! We are researching, writing and fact checking as a family. Collaboration is the name of the game, whether we’re running from a zombie horde or finding the best way to turn a complex concept into a deliciously digestible set of bullet points.



Walker Lamber

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Walker Lambert graduated from California College of the Arts (2023) with a BFA in graphic design. If he’s not working on a design you can find him enjoying a walk through the woods, hanging out at the local skate park, or watching a SF Giants game.

Xiao Wei Fang


Bay Area native. Studying illustration and graphic design at California College of the Arts (CCA). Obsessed with the possibility of a zombie apocalypse. In a codependent relationship with her clingy tabby cat. Lover of short, succinct sentences.

Robyn Adams


Robyn Adams is an Oakland, CA based illustrator and designer. She studied illustration and sequential art at Academy of Art College San Francisco and worked in the animation industry for 15 years as a background painter before starting her freelance design and illustration business at SecretFanBase.com

Yael manifesto

Leah Yael Levy


Leah Yael Levy is a visual artist storyteller and teacher based in Berkeley, CA.

Born and raised in Moshav Beit Lechem Haglilit, Israel. She first moved to New York City in 2002 to attend the Art Students League of New York, and later gained a BFA of Illustration from Parsons the New School for Design (2011). After four years creating visuals for The Unemployed Philosophers Guild (Brooklyn), she moved to California to pursue an MFA in Comics at California College of the Arts (2017).  She works as a Teaching Artist for Kala Art Institute, the Richmond Art Center and the JCC of the East Bay.


Vicki Macchiavello


Vicki is a writer, collage artist, and someone who loves to create community.  She is a mom of three who is keeping it together… somehow. Follow her writing on Patreon.

Alexandra Heller manifesto

Alex Heller


Sister of Creator Jennifer Heller, Alex’s life quest is to find and spread the ideas the world needs. in her free time, she is learning animation and attempting people to give qi gong a try.


Arnold Heller


A former science editor for the Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory, the “Great Arno” offers his scientific expertise and the experience of a lifetime of prepping.

Clare Dunnett Mullins


A California-based British transplant who is obsessed with crime drama, good meaty literature, and sarcastic comedy. Most days happily keeping half a household together with two littles and one wife during quarantine. I’m also learning to be a full time working adult and sub adequate educator of a toddler 👀👀