Are you interested in creating disaster preparedness resources for a specific audience? Being in charge is hard, especially when no one is listening to you. Get their attention by making it fun! Partner with HCTA to create easy-to-understand disaster preparedness resources targeted to your group.

Here Comes the Personalized Apocalypse! 

We have spent (literally) years researching the ins and outs of emergency planning, and our expertise in marketing keeps butts in seats. Put our team of writers, designers, and illustrators to work creating branded resources that your community will actually use.

The more prepared we are, the more resilient we are. We’ll help you build the resilience of your constituents, workforce, or community, and you’ll dine out for years on the story of how you taught everyone how to save their own lives with the funniest disaster preparedness program the world has ever seen. Get ready to enjoy some hearty back slaps for a very good job well done.

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Embrace the call and you shall be embraced!