House Fire Preparedness

We love a good campfire, but we’d never want one in the house. Unfortunately, fire hazards are all around us. Taking a little time to prepare can help you prevent fires at home and limit the damage, if one does get out of control.

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House Fire Facts

In 2021, there were almost half a million structure fires in the US, which caused more than $13 billion in damage.

In the next 90 seconds, while you read this page, someone in America will dial 911 to ask for firefighters.

44% of house fires start in the kitchen, but you’re more likely to be injured than die in a kitchen fire. You’re much more likely to die in a house fire if you live alone, have been drinking or taking drugs, sleep through the start of the fire, or started it with a cigarette.

Fewer than half of the households who have fire escape plans have practiced them with a drill.

How to Prepare for a Fire at Home

  • Gear up with the right smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Test your alarms and practice using your extinguishers.
  • Create a Go Bag so all of your most precious photos and important documents go with you on the way out the door.
  • Clear out the hazards! Prevention is the best prep. Remove flammable objects from fire-prone areas, clean your lint trap, and quit smoking.
  • Make sure your kids know how to dial 911, and what to say in an emergency.
  • Create a detailed plan and hold regular fire drills involving the whole family. Be sure to evacuate your pets and test your fire ladders for a thorough drill.
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What Not to Do During a Fire

Here are some home fire safety tips for you, if you’re better with “DON’Ts” than “DOs”

Don’t Put Water on a Grease Fire

Adding water to most fires on your stove will cause a terrifying fireball and make things worse. Get a fire blanket or extinguisher.

Don’t Skimp on Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms should be plentiful at your house, especially near sleeping areas. Embrace the beep. It might keep you alive.

Don’t Forget your Fire-proof Safe

In addition to your Go Bag, you will want a safe that will keep the original copies of your important documents safe from the flames.