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Are your kids prepared for an emergency?

You’re not with your kids 100% of the time. They’ll eventually have an urgent need to reach you. They might not have access to an unlocked phone with your number saved or an adult who knows your phone number.

What would they do?

Our Memorize It! eBook gives them the right tools to make future emergencies less chaotic:

  • Learn important phone numbers and addresses
  • Practice problem solving and staying calm
Lost Child

Knowing important numbers is essential for contacting each other in times of crisis.

Adults should have a longer list of numbers at the ready, and it’s important that kids can recall at least one contact, in case they are separated from your family or other caregivers. Four years old is a great time to start learning!

Teach your kids important phone numbers with our Memorize It! eBook:

  • Key tips on memorizing numbers and addresses
  • Best practices for calling 911
  • Activities to help kids of all ages learn numbers
  • Activities for all types of learners: auditory, visual, reading and writing, and kinesthetic

This free printable PDF download includes:

  • Nine different activities
  • Certificate of Achievement for positive reinforcement
  • Printable Very Important People Cheatsheet with 911 instructions and space to add your most important phone numbers and addresses

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