Affiliates earn 15% per sale on all HCTA products.

That’s a boatload of cash if you sell a Disaster Bundle to everyone without an existing disaster plan. And the more prepared we are as local communities, the more resilient we all will be in the event of the unexpected. So it’s a win, win! Your community becomes more resilient, and you have a nice little side hustle.

Still not convinced? Would a listicle convince you? Of course it would!

5 Reasons to Join the HCTA Affiliate Program

1. Your audience will know you care

Our books are designed to help people thrive through the worst experiences of their lives. Putting your audience on the path to preparation is a great way to show them you’re rooting for them to meet important milestones, whereas other influencers might be focused solely on their cash.

Yes, even these kittens need disaster plans. Especially these kittens.

2. Everyone needs to prepare

Whether your audience spans multiple demographics or is super niche, everyone (in every demographic) needs to prepare for disasters.

HCTA has made the prep process fun and engaging precisely because it needs to be more accessible to more audiences!

3. The timing couldn’t be better

If you haven’t been directly affected by a major disaster in the last few years, we assume you’ve seen a few of these jaw-dropping events in the news. (Personally, we’ve been following these stories with a great deal of interest, as you may have already guessed.) More people are being affected by disasters, which means more people are becoming interested in preparing, but many of them don’t know where to start.

4. We’re fun

If you need anything, don’t be shy, okay? There are no rules in this house. We’re not like a regular mom. We’re a cool mom. Just kidding, there are obviously lots of rules in this house, but why hang out with a company that’s enforcing rules without making any jokes when you could be hanging out with a company that’s also heavily invested in making everyone laugh?

5. There’s gold in them thar hills

Our mission is to inspire as many people as possible to improve their emergency preparedness. Way too many people are suffering unnecessary losses that could be avoided with better prep. Our rabid pursuit of mass preparedness means we will pay you handsomely to get our materials into the hands of anyone who will use them! We’re unhinged! Profit off of our lunacy.

We look forward to your membership in our weird and wonderful club of people who can’t stop talking about the doomsday clock at parties!

And then I said, “With the glaciers melting at this rate? More like 88 seconds to midnight! HAHAHAHA! We do have fun. We really do.”