Nuclear Attack Preparedness

One nuclear weapon is enough to cause a major problem. More than 10,000 exist. Will humans ever use them again? It’s impossible to say, but being prepared can lower your family’s risk of injury or death if anyone makes that choice.

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Nuclear Bomb Facts

There are currently 13,410 nuclear weapons in the world, and the vast majority of those are on a hair-trigger alert. Russia has the most.

Oxford University’s Global Catastrophic Risks Survey reported in 2008 that molecular nanotech weapons and superintelligent AI are both much more likely to cause total human extinction (5% chance) than nuclear war (1% chance).

The Doomsday Clock was inspired by the nuclear bombs the US dropped during WWII, and it’s currently 90 seconds to midnight. Continuing to manufacture nuclear weapons has kept us moving closer to midnight, which is when the world ends.

How to Prepare for a Nuclear Attack

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What Not to Do During a Nuclear Attack

Here are some nuclear safety tips for you, if you’re better with “DON’Ts” than “DOs”

Don’t Waste Time

After an alert is issued, getting indoors as quickly as possible is the best move. Don’t try to make it home; go to the nearest safe shelter.

Don’t Ignore Exposure

If you were possibly exposed to radiation, remove your clothes and wash yourself ASAP. Seal the clothes in a bag and place it away from your group.

Don’t Leave the Shelter

Things may seem okay, but do not leave your shelter unless you absolutely have to. Stay put as long as you can to avoid radiation exposure.