The Disaster Playbook


She’s alive! The Disaster Playbook is the backbone of your disaster prep experience. We hate to throw the B word around, but you’ve found your prep bible, and she’s ready to take you to church! (Note: if you really like the idea of going to church, steel yourself for the coarse language you’ll find within.)

  • 8.5″×11″ spiral-bound book
  • Companion to the I Will Thrive Manual
  • Guidance, checklists, jokes, activities, and more to help you get through the prep process
  • Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper

Orders will ship in early December.

The Disaster Playbook has it all, from guides to mentally preparing yourself to do the hard work of creating disaster plans, to checklists of gear you’ll need to meet your emergency needs (and beyond). It also has the glue that holds any successful endeavor together: jokes of varying quality. It packs the biggest punch when paired with the I Will Thrive Manual, and is an even more effective tool as part of the Disaster Bundle.

  • Disaster Playbook TOC page
  • Disaster Playbook - Rundown
  • Disaster Playbook - Gather Important Papers spread
  • Disaster Playbook - Maze
  • Disaster Playbook - Checklists
  • Disaster Playbook - Apocalols
  • Disaster Playbook
  • Disaster Playbook Back Cover
What it contains:
  • Concise instructions for completing your disaster preparations in three parts: gear, planning, and practice
  • Baseline disaster info and gear explanations to contextualize your prep and help you develop a sense of what aspects matter most to you
  • Plenty of jokes, cartoons, photos, stories, and activity pages to keep you going whenever the utilitarian core of the content rears its boring head
  • Emotional intelligence (this game is 90% mental!)
Why you need it: 
  • DIY prep means hours of research, which we’ve already done for you
  • Most people trying to prepare without a guide give up before they’re fully prepared!
  • You want to prep so you’ll be safe and comfortable when there’s a disaster… not so you can live off-grid forever
How we make it easy: 
  • Preparing is a complex task; the Playbook makes sure you’ll keep returning to where you left off until you’re done
  • We meet you where you are and give you the “preparing to prepare” tools you need to succeed
  • We’re pretty funny, if you like gallows humor

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Our team went all the way down the preparedness rabbit hole (so you don’t have to) and broke the best practices into easy-to-digest chunks.

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Created with Love

We want you to handle challenging times with grace & peace. Our tools plan for the emotional challenges that may lie ahead.

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Wrapped in Style

If we have to prepare, let’s do it with flair. Our team of designers and illustrators have created sexy, artful tools to ease the path.

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We’ve injected corny jokes into every nook and cranny, so you can giggle your way to resilience. Commence the eye rolling!

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We have created physical products because digital records only work if you have power. A good disaster plan is a printed disaster plan.

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The Disaster Bundle


$205 VALUE

Our signature bundle features a family-sized helping of our iconic disaster swag.

You’ll get our Disaster Playbook, two copies of our I Will Thrive Manual, 10 Emergency Buddies, two Grab & Go Checklists, two Important Papers Packs, our Disaster Deep Dive e-book, the essential Master of Disaster digital form, a Sharpie, and a bonus sticker sheet!

Orders will ship in early December.