Bioterrorism Preparedness

The fact that using biological agents is a war crime doesn’t soothe us, since people commit war crimes all the time! Being prepared for bioterrorism could save your life if some baddies with a bone to pick get access to a lab.

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Bioterrorism Facts

Bioterrorism has a rich history. In 400 BCE, Scythian archers dipped their arrows in decomposing bodies, blood mixed with manure, and snake venom.

Bioterrorism agents can get to you in a few ways: Aerosol dispersion, food/water contamination, human carriers, infected animals, insects, and physical distribution.

Key indicators of bioterrorism are:

  • Many people rushing to ER for emergency care, usually with odd and unexplained illness
  • A cluster of sick or dead animals
  • A geographical pattern to the illness’s spread

How to Prepare for Biological Warfare

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What Not to Do During a Bioterrorism Attack

Here are some chemical warfare tips for you, if you’re better with “DON’Ts” than “DOs”

Don’t Forget Your Mask

A gas mask might be overkill, but N95 masks could keep you safer as you shelter indoors during an aerosol attack.

Don’t Ignore Symptoms

If you can’t pinpoint what made you sick, and your symptoms match those on your list of category A and B agents, go to the ER.

Don’t Forget Your Go Bag

Evacuation isn’t guaranteed, but if your water sources are contaminated, you’ll want to get out quickly with a few days of supplies.