Breaking Down Go Bags

1,2,3… Go!

What the heck is a “Go Bag”? And how is it any different from an earthquake preparedness kit? And what do you do if you don’t have either?

Disaster preparedness is a journey, and here, we are taking the first step, or at least thinking about taking it. With a backpack full of our most important… hold on; let’s break this down:

On the most basic level, your “Go Bag” is the bag you grab when you have less than 30 minutes to leave your house, or as little as one minute to get out because something really bad is happening RIGHT NOW.

Your Go Bag is what you will grab when you have to evacuate your home.

It’s what will help you get through the first three days of whatever follows the moment of the disaster that God forbid forced you out of your home.

It’s also what you will be carrying when you walk up to the table in the gymnasium that has been designated as an emergency shelter and register for a cot. Can you even imagine?

So… What type of bag? And how many?

Unless you have very small children who cannot carry their own stuff, you will want one bag for each person. We recommend a light but sturdy backpack, with a belt strap to take advantage of your child-bearing hips for support. (What, you don’t have child-bearing hips? You should get some. Click here to order… just kidding.)

A bag that straps onto your dog’s back would be genius if your dog is the backpacking type. A cat would never stand for such a thing. So you’ll have to calculate carrying a bag for their belongings as well.

Assuming whatever apocalypse befalls us doesn’t impede motor travel, having a set of emergency supplies stashed in the trunk of your car is recommended.

Now that we know what a Go Bag is, it’s time to break down what all you should put in it.

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