Tsunami Preparedness

You never know when a tsunami might strike. Being prepared can lower your family’s risk of injury, death, or separation in the event of a big wave. Get to the high ground!

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Tsunami Facts

Tsunamis are big waves caused by tectonic movement rather than tides. They can last for days, and are usually characterized by a series of waves, aka a Tsunami Wave Train.

88% of all tracked tsunamis are the result of offshore earthquakes.

To create a tsunami, an earthquake must usually have a magnitude higher than 7.0 and occur under or very near the ocean.

How to Prepare for a Tsunami

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What Not to Do During a Tsunami

Here are some big wave tips for you, if you’re better with “DON’Ts” than “DOs”

Don’t Waste Any Time

You only have 10 to 15 minutes after receiving an alert to get to high ground. Head for your evacuation location immediately.

Don’t Leave the High Ground

Once you’re safely inland or on high ground, stay there for 24 hours or more. More waves and surge follow the first wave.

Don’t Forget your Go Bag

A quick evacuation is the best course of action! Make sure your Go Bag has all of the essentials to last you 72 hours.