Our bunker could use some interior design to tone down the serial killer vibes, but AT LEAST WE HAVE ONE.

It’s easy to hear the call to prepare and recognize that you probably should, but it’s just as easy to ignore the call completely. After all, most of us have lived decades without encountering any major disasters. With a track record like that, preparing for an unlikely disaster is probably just a waste of time!

Wouldn’t life be great if preparing for disasters was a waste of time?

Unfortunately, there are some pretty inspiring reasons to prepare.

Here are five things that have caused our team to get off our a$$es and get organized:

3. 100 Year Floods Are Becoming 30 Year Floods

If you bought a house a few miles away from a major river in the early 2000s, your research might have shown that it was only likely for a flood to reach your property in about 1% of flood events, aka a 100 Year Flood.

In the last 20 years, you might have noticed that there were way more flood events than you expected, and that more than one of them has reached your property. That’s because flood dynamics are changing as storm dynamics change and sea levels rise. What can you do about it? Get ready to run.

Rule of Thumb

Can’t get enough of the beach? Get ready for a hurricane.

Love the mountains? I hope you love being snowed in for weeks at a time.

Addicted to splish-splashing in the river? There’s a flood with your name on it.

The list could go on, but the point is clear.

We’re left to our own devices in the world we created. This project is called “Here Comes the Apocalypse” because the disasters are coming… whether we like it or not. We can run, but we may not be able to hide.

Preparing is a great way to understand what’s on the horizon and develop exit strategies that will keep us safe, even if we live in places that are prone to disaster.

Will you ignore the call to prepare?

If you’re ready to take the leap, our Disaster Playbook makes it easy. Start out with defining your “why.” Why do you prepare?

Spoiler alert: “I love my kids,” is a very popular reason to prepare for disasters.