Disaster Drills

Disaster strikes instantly.

From housefires and earthquakes to hurricanes to shitty presidents, there’s always something ready to ruin your day.

According to FEMA, 60% of Americans aren’t prepared for disaster, and 39% of those who consider themselves prepared haven’t developed an emergency plan (which is basically the same as being unprepared).

Once you’ve made your disaster plan, it’s rehearsal time.

“But… do I have to?”

Obviously you don’t. Before 2020, I never did.

But I have a kid. And I like being alive. So I decided to take preparedness seriously. (So much so that I created a site for it, lol.)

Here’s the thing:

Knowing what to do during an emergency will help you stay calm.

It will avoid confusion. And it will prevent injury.

And how do you learn what to do in an emergency?

You run drills. Drills are a great way to practice without having to endure a real disaster.

So strap in because it is time to learn all about drills…

About the Author

Professional worrier. Mom, entrepreneur. Lifetime student of brain science. Passionate about surviving what's coming (climate change, wtf) and staying as sane as possible. Determined to make the best of the end of the world.

Shit is getting real.

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