Disaster Preparedness Gifts for Kids

disaster prep gifts for kids

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In a world filled with adventure and curiosity, empowering our little ones with the tools to navigate unexpected situations is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Welcome to our curated gift guide where safety and skill-learning meet excitement — over 15 disaster preparedness gifts for kids! 

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  • Dinosaur Head lamp – This fun headlamp is not just a companion for nighttime adventures, it’s a hero during emergencies when the power calls it quits. 
  • Knot tying kit: Your kids can finesse their fine motor skills, while learning how to properly secure goods on top of the car in the case of an unfortunate evacuation. (Please note: gift according to age and maturity; ropes can be a safety hazard for small children.)
  • Lantern – HCTA team member, Sarah, still uses the lantern her grandfather gave her as a kid during power outages!
  • Compass/thermometer keychain – Your kids can learn navigation skills and practice reading temperatures!
Rule of Thumb

Pair the thermometer keychain with the weather journal below, so they’ll have a place to record the temperatures they’ve learned to read. 

  • Weather journal for kids – This unique journal is a gateway to mindfulness, merging introspection with scientific curiosity. Little ones will reflect on how weather shapes their moods while making scientific observations.
  • Toy first aid kit – Teach your kids the importance of emergency medical knowledge early! In 10 years, your kids will confidently know how to spring into action when their younger siblings tumble off their bikes.
  • Astronaut ice cream – Your kids will feel like space explorers with this fun, nonperishable treat! 
Astronauts and rocket ship
“That’s it! I’ve had it with this space desert. Break out the astronaut ice cream!”
  • Wilderness survival guide for kids – Written by a search and rescue professional and lifelong camper, this book will teach your kids lifesaving skills, and make it fun at the same time! From mastering shelter- and fire-building to signaling for help, sourcing water and food, handling wildlife encounters, navigating like a pro, and steering clear of wilderness mishaps, this is your go-to handbook for a secure and savvy adventure in the great outdoors.
  • Animal flashlight – Your kids will love these adorable animal flashlights. They come in a pack of four so there’s plenty for your Go Bag and under the bed stash.
  • Crank radio – A crank radio offers a blend of entertainment and education for your kids. They’ll know how to find updates during emergencies, and have a personal gateway to explore the vibrant world of music through the FM stations. 
Rule of Thumb

That’s right. EVERYONE should have crank radios. We might start suggesting them for pets, as well. They’re that important for maintaining access to information during disasters.

  • Kids explorer kit – Say goodbye to “I’m bored” with this adventure kit available in two sizes and three colors! This kit, equipped with binoculars, magnifying glass, and more will inspire curiosity and imagination! 
  • Duct tape – HCTA founder Jen’s son endorses the gift of duct tape. While buying duct tape for your Stay Bags, you can throw in a roll in a fun color or pattern for your kids. Your kids can expand their imaginations creating crafts with this tape. (Please note: duct tape might ruin your furniture and you definitely shouldn’t give it to anyone with a latex allergy.)
  • Storm watcher weather lab – This 16 piece lab kit brings hands-on STEM learning to your household with its 18 wild weather experiments! 
  • Magic Treehouse Books – This classic children’s series by Mary Pope Osborne is perfect for your little bookworm and will teach them about historical disasters. Better yet, some books have nonfiction companion Magic Tree House Fact Trackers that amplify the learning journey, providing more knowledge to your curious kiddos.
  • Kid’s Guide to Helping the Planet (2020) – Climate change and the disasters it exacerbates may seem scary to kids, but this book can inspire them, showing them that that change is possible! 

If you really want to go all out, grab everything they’ll need to create their own Go Bag. Happy gifting!

kids with headlamps
Here’s to self-actualized kids who are ready for disasters!

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