Best Pre-Packaged Go Bags

Well, maybe you can. We recommend making a budget.

The planning portion of disaster preparedness is what trips most people up. Writing down plans just takes so much effort. It’s much easier to ignore the possibility of disasters entirely, and proceed as if they don’t exist. Easier, yes… but not advised.

The gear portion takes a bit of effort as well, but since most human bodies are sustained by the same supplies, some shortcuts are available! PRAISE BE UPON THE SHORTCUTS. Buying pre-packaged Go Bags is a great way to cut down your prep time. You’ll still need to add items to make sure your household’s specific needs are met, but you’ll be miles ahead of the people who choose to start from scratch.

We’ve collected some of the best pre-packaged Go Bag options on the market for you to peruse and choose. Click around to see what works best for you! The combinations are only limited by your imagination!

1. Best Pre-Packaged Go-Bags for One

If you’re a household of four roommates, you might prefer to buy four individual Go Bags in case you choose to separate after evacuating.

2. Best Pre-Packaged Go-Bags for Two

If you’re a family of three, you might opt to buy one individual Go Bag and one two-person Go Bag, so you’ll have doubles of the most important essentials like hand crank radios and first aid kits.

3. Best Pre-Packaged Go-Bags for Three or More

If you’re the leader of a prepper cult with dozens of members, you’re going to want to plan for your disciples to evacuate in pods of four and share one bag between them.

Check out their specs and choose the one that’s right for you! No matter your budget, you’re likely to find a pre-packaged Go Bag that is worth its price.

You’re gonna like being prepared. We guarantee it.

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