Drought Preparedness

Droughts are affecting more regions than ever before, some of which are lasting for years. Humans need water to survive, so even if you’re not a farmer, it’s good to prepare your family for times of water scarcity.

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Drought Facts

The average American uses about 156 gallons of water per day. The average French person uses 77 gallons a day.

There are four types of drought:

  • Meteorological: Less rain than we expected
  • Agricultural: Less rain than a specific crop needs to thrive
  • Hydrological: Less water in the watershed than expected
  • Socioeconomic: Water access insufficient to meet human needs

A socioeconomic drought can happen even when there’s no meteorological drought in a region, if private water resources are not made available when public resources are exhausted.

How to Prepare for a Drought

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What Not to Do During a Drought

Here are some water scarcity tips for you, if you’re better with “DON’Ts” than “DOs”

Don’t Store Water in Milk or Juice Jugs

These will breed scary bacteria! Cleaned soda bottles are okay, if you need more water containers. Commercially bottled water is safest.

Don’t Drink Unpurified Water

If you’re not sure that the water is safe, purify it by filtering, boiling, and chemically disinfecting with bleach or iodine.

Don’t Forget your Stay Bag

You’ll have at least two weeks of water for your family (at least 14 gallons per person) on hand with a properly stocked Stay Bag.