We are dedicated to creating no-nonsense,* easy-to-understand resources to make preparing for disasters as easy as possible.

*Little bit of nonsense. Tiny bit. Teeny tiny.

Disaster Basics

Gear up, plan, and drill! The right tools, mental preparation, and practice are all important to getting out of a disaster alive. Emergency preparedness can be overwhelming. Take it one step at a time.

Preparing for Different Types of Disasters

Whether you’re here to better prep for the hurricane that hits your state every year, or you’re just inexplicably afraid of getting caught in an avalanche, you’re in for a treat! Our disaster guides are designed to get you fully informed without putting you to sleep.

Product Guides

Even for a well-trained consumer, buying stuff just for the sake of buying stuff is dumb. You want to know which stuff is right for you! We’ve searched high and low for great products that will fit your needs, whether you’re looking for value, cost, or premium performance.