Top 5 Fireproof Safes for 2023 [plus 2 Bonus Picks!]

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As a true-blue millennial, I have done everything in my power to eliminate physical documents from my life, but there are so many bits of paper I just can’t shake. From birth certificates to social security cards to passports, there are a bunch of papers we all have to hold onto for our entire lives, lest we descend into a hell of bureaucratic red tape. And those external hard drives containing every photo we’ve ever taken are pretty precious, too! Since we all know how common house fires are, we should do everything possible to keep our most important stuff from burning to ash.

Keeping your original documents and other irreplaceable sundries in a fireproof safe is a great way to limit secondary problems in the event of a disaster. Some of them are waterproof, so you’ll be sitting pretty whether firefighters drench your house in water in order to save it or if you get mixed up in a flood! We’ve listed our top five picks (and two bonus picks!) here if you’re ready to buy right now, but scroll down to get all the details.

  1. SentrySafe SFW123GDC
  2. Honeywell 2101
  3. First Alert 2092DF-BD
  4. FireKing KF0915-1WHE 
  5. Riddost 4.2 Cub Home Safe

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Why does this guide exist?

Are fireproof safes all the same? No! That’s why you need a guide. We’ve done the research and condensed the results, so you can spend more time pursuing your hobbies instead of reading about fireproof safes.

Our guide covers topics like fire ratings, size, material, locking mechanisms, and other features to consider when purchasing a fireproof safe.

With this comprehensive guide, you’ll get a better understanding of the available options, without losing all sense of your own identity in the process. (Did you have other interests before you started shopping for a fireproof safe? Only you can know.) You’ll be able to quickly determine which is the best fireproof safe for you and your precious, fire-prone belongings.

Why do I need a fireproof safe?

If you’re just a thousandaire, you may be laboring under the misapprehension that you don’t need a fireproof safe. Newsflash, buddy! They’re not just for yachts.

You don’t have to be rich to have important documents like passports, tax returns, mortgage records, estate planning documents, adoption papers, etc. It certainly helps, since most of those things are shockingly expensive, but you don’t have to be rich to be wary of fire. And sentiment is free! You don’t want your heirlooms and cherished childhood stuffies to be lost to time, do you?

Everyone needs (and deserves) a fireproof safe! Here’s why:

  1. Protection of important documents: A fireproof safe provides a secure place to store critical documents such as birth certificates, wills, and property deeds.
  2. Security of valuable items: If you own any sentimental keepsakes, expensive jewelry, old and rare coins, or other valuable items, a fireproof safe will keep those irreplaceable items in a place you’ll always be able to find them.
  3. Disaster preparedness: Safes aren’t just for foiling thieves! In the event of a fire, tornado, flood, or other natural disaster, a fireproof safe can protect your valuables from damage.
  4. Peace of mind: Knowing that your important documents and valuables are safely stored in a fireproof safe can have a profoundly relaxing effect. Fireproof safes are a form of self-care!

5 Best Fireproof Safes of 2023

1. SentrySafe SFW123GDC

Price: $330

Dimensions: 17.8 x 16.3 x 19.3 inches

What we liked:

  • Offers top-of-the-line protection. Able to withstand 1700°F for an hour.
  • Waterproof and can protect your valuables for 24 hours in 8 inches of water.
  • Battery-powered digital lock with an 8-digit combination.
  • Locks using four 1-inch bolts. Safer than most designs.
  • Protects digital media, USB storage devices, and hard disks from external radiation.
  • Pry resistant design thwarts intruders.
  • Made from solid steel and has internal lighting.
  • Dual key system to disable the primary lock and prevent others from gaining access.
  • This safe is quite heavy and weighs in at almost 90 lbs.

The locking mechanism requires 4 x AAA batteries. (High-quality batteries are usually good for about 5 years.)

The safe was delivered in a box that had three pieces of cushioning material. One was at the bottom while the other two were located on each side. The owner’s manual and other relevant documentation were neatly tucked alongside the unit. Additionally, the keys used for double locking the safe, as well as other essential documents, are stored safely inside the safe.


For the sale price of $265 this is a great buy. Solid, sturdy, and confidence-inspiring. It will confound any casual thief. Moreover, it can stand 24 hours at a temperature that would melt most objects. That’s a winner in our book!

Download the SentrySafe SFW123GDC user manual.

2. Honeywell 2101

Price: $143

Dimensions: 15.7 x 14.4 x 12.5 inches

What we liked:

  • Certified to withstand 1700°F for an hour.
  • Water-resistant compact design that can hold 0.5 cubic ft.
  • Priced affordably and has a small profile.
  • Four steel bolts. Offers protection with well-designed hinges.
  • Made of alloy steel and rust proof. Double-walled construction to prevent fire from heating the insides.
  • Light enough for wall mounting. Comes with floor-mounting rubber stubs.
  • Weighs an impressive 72 lbs for a small safe.
  • Has a dial lock and a key lock. Does not have a digital lock, but an old-fashioned combination lock. 

This option is an ideal pick for those who want a budget-priced fireproof safe. There is no digital lock on this model, but if a digital lock is important to you and you love the Honeywell brand, you can upgrade to Honeywell 2116. The upside of having a fully analog safe is that your items are more likely to be accessible in the event of an electromagnetic pulse, which could make digital safes much more difficult to access.

This is a smaller safe with an internal volume of 0.5 ft. For those who want more space, Honeywell has several larger models such as the 2116, 2118, and 2120.


A fireproof safe with solid steel construction and a 0.5 cubic feet interior storage capacity. The safe can withstand very high temperatures for one hour. All this for a sale price just over $140 seems an excellent purchase.

Download the Honeywell 2101 user manual. 

3. First Alert 2092DF-BD

Price: $399.95

Dimensions: 19.63 x 17.5  x 18 inches 

What we liked: 

  • Easily able to withstand 1700° F temperature for one hour. Keeps your belongings out of harm’s way.
  • A hingeless design makes theft harder.
  • The sleek look merges with modern decor, and the ergonomic handle design allows it to open with an easy twist. 
  • Built with patented Ready Seal technology that offers complete protection even when bolted down to the floor.
  • The safe has a capacity of 1.3 cubic feet, providing plenty of room for storing documents, electronics, jewelry, and other important items.
  • Completely waterproof, with well-designed seals that prevent seepage.
  • The safe has a keyless design and uses digital locking. A digital keypad for easy access. Locks with two stainless steel deadbolts. 

It’s solid, heavy, and looks quite intimidating. Good luck to any thief who doesn’t have access to a blowtorch.

The volume is 1.3 cubic ft, which is enough space for many documents and a few larger items like jewelry. The safe comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and mounting hardware for easy installation.


First Alert 2092DF-BD is UL classified to withstand temperatures of up to 1700°F for up to one hour, and it has a great waterproof design. It will protect your items and look good while it does it.

Download the First Alert 2092DF-BD user manual. 

4. FireKing KF0915-1WHE

Price: ‎$446

Dimensions: 12 x 15 x 9.25 inches

What we liked: 

  • The safe is sturdy and well-made. The hinges are not perfectly recessed, but impossible to break open.
  • Compact with 0.5 cubic ft capacity. Larger options of 0.97 cubic ft are also available.
  • Tested to withstand extreme heat for an hour. The safe is also waterproof and will protect belongings in a flood. 
  • Equipped with 2 live bolts and 2 deadbolts for greater security. This safe is hard to break open except with a blowtorch.
  • FireKing provides a one-year guarantee. FireKing also offers a free replacement after the fire. 
  • Made entirely of high-grade alloy steel. The lock requires 4 AA batteries.

FireKing KF0915-1WHE safe has a fire rating of 1 hour at 1700°F, which is a good level of protection for most home or office environments. It has a storage capacity of 0.53 cubic feet, which is suitable for storing small items such as documents, cash, and jewelry.


We found it to be a well-built fireproof safe with good bolt technology. It is one of the rare models that is available in white, so you can express your individuality while it protects your important documents and valuables from fire damage. 

Download the FireKing KF0915-1WHE user manual.

5. Riddost 4.2 Cub Home Safe

Price: $359.99

Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 17 inches

What we liked: 

  • Made from 78 mm thick alloy steel. The safe has a hingeless design.
  • Equipped with an LCD screen, that displays the date and time and last unlock time, and battery power level.
  • Has a built-in cabinet with a lock and money safe. The interior has enough space to store a lot of belongings.
  • Available in sizes of 2.2 cubic ft, 4 cubic ft, and 4.2 cubic ft. We reviewed the 4.2cu ft option.
  • Can be locked using a passcode and master key or emergency key and master key.

Riddost has designed a safe that is almost perfect. The keypad auto-locks if the wrong passcode is entered three times. It can then only be opened by using the emergency key and master key.

If you lose the master key, another is delivered in 24 hours. Riddost also offers a 60-day hassle-free return policy.


The steel door is made with 70 mm steel. It is heavy and impressive. It’s a highly secure, 77-pound beast, and we loved it for both its style and features.

*No manual was provided by the manufacturer.

Bonus: KACSOO 1.25 Cub Fireproof Safe Box

Price: $125.99

Dimensions: 12.2 x 14.56 x 11.8 inches

What we liked:

  • KACSOO 1.25 Cub is simple, affordable, and fireproof. At $125, it is the least expensive fireproof model we reviewed.
  • The locking system uses a six-digit code. In case you forget the code, an emergency key can open the safe.  
  • The door bolt is made of three anti-drill locks. If anyone enters the wrong passcode three times, an alarm sounds.
  • At just 27 pounds, the safe is light and can be easily installed inside a bedroom wardrobe or closet.

Overall, we were impressed by the KACSOO 1.25 Cub Fireproof Safe Box. It is not heavy or large, but offers a safe and secure location for storing documents, passports, and a few valuables if you’re on a strict budget.


The safe has a solid steel door, but the sides are not hardened. That makes it less secure, but the low price makes it a viable option. It won’t deter a serious thief, but it’s sturdy enough to keep a casual intruder at bay, if you bolt it down.

*No manual was provided by the manufacturer. 

Bonus: AEGIS 1.2 Cub Fireproof Safe Box

Price: $189.99

Dimensions: 8.7 x 10.2 x 13.4 inches 

What we liked: 

  • Offers reliable protection for your valuables and documents against fire. With a 30-minute fire resistance rating at 1400° F, the AEGIS 1.2 Cub doesn’t have a top rating, but it will hold up for a little while.
  • The removable shelves help maximize space inside the safe and help with arranging belongings.
  • It has a large 1.2 cubic foot capacity and two external door hinges that allow for a 180° opening.
  • Equipped with an electronic lock and a heavy-duty keypad, the safe offers easy operation.
  • AEGIS 1.2 Cub has two backup keys to open the safe if the batteries are dead.
  • Pre-drilled holes and included mounting bolts make it easy to install the safe box on the wall, on a closet floor, or on a shelf.
  • Upholstered felt interior prevents scratches and damage to your valuables.


AEGIC 1.2 Cub is mid-weight at 46 lbs. Larger versions from the same brand (1.6 and 2.6 cubic ft capacity) are currently priced at $209 and $290.

The safe looks sturdy and well-made, but it’s not the best safe we reviewed. It’s an okay option in the mid-range category.

*No manual was provided by the manufacturer.

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