Practical Disaster Preparedness Gifts for Mom and Dad

gifts for mom and dad

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In a world where preparedness meets practicality, we present a curated collection of gifts designed to empower mom or dad with the tools they need to navigate any unexpected twist life throws their way. From everyday essentials to specialized gear, use this guide to give the priceless gift of preparedness.

Being ready for the unexpected doesn’t have to be a daunting task — it can be an ongoing lifestyle supported by thoughtful, year-round gifts! Their practicality ensures they are not another gimmicky gift headed straight to the landfill in our consumerist society. Make sure your loved ones are equipped for whatever comes their way with these disaster preparedness gifts for dad or mom.

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  • AirTags – They’ll never lose their valuables with these handy and sleek AirTags.
  • Portable power bank – In our phone obsessed world, a portable power bank can come in handy in any situation.
  • HCTA Prepping for Non-Preppers Bundle – Give them a system of tools that will get them prepared and entertain them along the way. We all need some humor to keep us going from time to time, right?
  • Cozy blankets – This gift is especially great for the winter. From a sky blue to a royal purple, to even cow print, this HOZY fleece blanket comes in the color or pattern for anyone, making it the perfect gift for mom or dad.
Dog under blanket
Your furry friends may also love a warm blanket.
  • Quick dry wool socks – Have a pair for hiking, while throwing extra pairs into your Go and Stay Bags. These warm socks make a great gift, as sock sizes aren’t the minefield that shoe and clothing sizes can be.
  • Mini first aid kit – Practicality meets preparedness with this first aid kit. Its small size makes it travel-friendly.
  • Car emergency kit – Never get stranded on the road again!
Rule of Thumb

Pair the car emergency kit with this basic auto repair guide to make sure mom and dad know how to use its tools.

  • Emergency multitool – Your parents will be ready for anything with this handy 18-tool multitool which includes pliers, replaceable wire cutters, a wire stripper, knives, a mini saw, spring-action scissors, a ruler, can & bottle openers, files, and screwdrivers.
  • Utility shut off tool – Make sure they know how to use it too!
  • Water leak detector – Don’t let water damage catch you off guard—this savvy device sounds the alarm well before your home is submerged, offering you the crucial time needed to avert potential disaster.
  • Portable power station – A solar portable power will provide an eco-friendly solution for those inevitable times when the grid goes down.
  • Worst case scenario card game – Looking for a purely novel item? We got you! Bring up disaster prep at parties, but make it fun!
  • Fire escape ladder – Do your parents live in a multi-story home? If so, consider gifting them a fire escape ladder – a thoughtful gesture that ensures a swift and secure evacuation in case of emergencies.
  • Fire extinguisher – Protect mom and dad’s lives and property with a fire extinguisher! Make sure to buy the correct type of extinguisher and that your parents know how to use it too.
fire extinguisher
Taking a fire safety class could even be a family activity.
  • Fire blanket – Another way to protect your parents’ lives and property from the flames! These fire blankets are easy to store and use.
  • CO detectors – Give safety and peace of mind with these detectors for both carbon monoxide and smoke. You can gift the batteries as stocking stuffers too, because they’ll need to be replaced every so often.
Rule of Thumb

Daylight savings is a great time to replace CO detector batteries.

Happy shopping! Go forth and give the gift of preparedness.

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