The Great Shake Out

Don’t Freak Out. Shake Out

Today is the Great California Shake Out. I live in California and I fear every day that there will be a major earthquake. At… Read More
white blood cells

Loving Our White Blood Cells

Our blood contains billions and billions of cells, both white and red. White blood cells are famous for being essential to our immune function. They just serve us, unnoticed, operating in the background. Celebrate your amazing body and ease your stress by coloring our white blood cells coloring page.
What is a Virus

What is a Virus, Anyway?

Dear HCTA, What is a virus, anyway? I don’t get it. TIA, Myrtle, from South Carolina Well, Myrtle, let’s get to the basics. A… Read More
Neighbor Card

Greetings Neighbor!

Ever wonder what your neighbors are up to these days? I’ve been thinking a lot about how the internet and social media has brought… Read More
Goddess Coloring Page

I Surrender to the Goddess of Never-Not-Broken

The Hindu Goddess Akhilandeshvari is the Goddess of Never-Not-Broken. She is the goddess of tumultuous change, of not knowing what is happening, and how you will possibly keep it together. Surrender to the power of the goddess and send her a prayer for strength with our coloring page.