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Diethylene Glycol Therma Fuel


NEW AND IMPROVED! 50% More Efficient!! In a power outage, on an outdoor adventure, or during emergency situations, having an alternate way to cook food and generate heat is essential. For this reason, Legacy has developed ThermaFuel, an diethylene glycol fuel cell similar to Sterno that provides instant heat and burns long. For emergency preppers, Legacy’s ThermaFuel is an ideal source of Sterno-like fuel because it lasts in storage for 20 years plus. When you purchase ThermaFuel, you purchase a versatile and reliable heat source that’s safe and convenient.

Product Details:

  • 4 Hour Burn Time per Can
  • Safe for Indoor Use
  • Smokeless and Odorless
  • 20 Year Plus Shelf Life
  • 2-Wick System delivers Consistent Heat Level without Fluctuation
  • Re-Usable. Use flame when needed, extinguish when finished. Reseal Cap for Storage. Re-light when needed.