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EVERLIT Complete 72 Hours Emergency Survival Kit for Family


Don’t flip out just because the world is ending!! Arm yourself with the perfect bugging out experience with all your items in one place. Get prepared with this U.S. Coast Guard approved, ultimate bug out bag (for 2 people). This martial-themed pack has it all. Practically, the only thing it’s missing is a fresh pair of undies.

Everlit Survival was founded by a group of U.S. military veterans. We deeply understand how it feels when lost a loved one from battlefield to daily life, from inevitable to avoidable causes.

U.S Coast Guard Approved Emergency Food Ration and Water

  • The kit provides enough calories and hydration that can last 2-person for 72 Hours.
  • Tactical First Aid Kit +CAT Tourniquet
    The 200 pcs tactical first aid kit provides comprehensive treatment for wound/cut.  And a CAT tourniquet for Hemorrhage Control. The molle system offers easy attachment to any tactical backpack.