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Foraging for Beginners by Michael Taylor


An easy guide to foraging edible wild plants and herbs, with healthy recipes of wild foods Found in the US, Australia and United Kingdom.

In our world today, many of us depend solely on the consumption of foods that are grown. Little do we know that there are so many other foods that we can consume that do not even have to be grown!

Not only are these edible wild plants healthy, but it would also be a great way for you to drastically reduce the amount spent on the purchase of food products. The world we live in has provided us with beautiful plants; all we have to do is forage for them.

This book covers all that you need to know about foraging.

Inside it, you will find much information about:

  • It gives a distinct explanation of the growth of foraging in times past and in our modern-day reality.
  • It discusses distinctively the process of picking up the plants and identifying the edibles from the inedible
  • Clothing and security tips that one has to be aware of while foraging; have all been outlined in the book.
  • Variety of plants that can be found in diverse places all over the world.
  • 30 tasty dishes that can be made with plants gotten from foraging with the nutritional value and their preparation times
  • Ease in recognizing the plants illustrated and described in the book
  • List of plants to forage month by month to plan the harvest
  • Recognize the difference between an edible and a poisonous plant and advice on how to act against poisoning.

Now, all you have to do is to sit down, read the book, and enjoy!