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Heavy Duty Duct Tape – 5 Roll Multi Pack


Duct Tape Heavy Duty – 5 Roll Multi Pack – Silver 90 Feet x 2 Inch – Strong, Flexible, No Residue, All-Weather and Tear by Hand – Bulk Value for Do-It-Yourself Repairs, Industrial, Professional Use.


  • Heavy Duty Adhesive – Don’t settle for cheap synthetic glues. Lockport duct tape is made with a super-strong, natural rubber adhesive. You need your duct tape to stick and stay. We’ve got you covered.
  • Waterproof and All-Weather – Our silver duct tape can take a beating. It’s got a waterproof backing that can handle just about any weather you throw at it–hot or cold, sunshine, rain or even snow. Bring it on.
  • No Residue – Most duct tapes leave behind a sticky mess once removed. Not us! Lockport’s heavy duty line is specially designed to be residue free. Protect your surfaces and say goodbye to painful cleanup.
  • Strength & Flexibility – Duct tape that is too thin doesn’t have the strength you need. But duct tape that is too thick lacks conformability. Lockport duct tape is engineered to strike the ideal balance between strength and flexibility. Just right for repairs around nooks, crannies and crevices. And one more thing, our tape is easy to tear by hand–no scissors required.
  • Great Value – More bang for your buck! Premium quality at a great price, this 5-Roll Pack gives you 150 yards (450 feet) of heavy duty grey duct tape that you can use for anything from home projects to serious industrial repairs. Each roll is individually wrapped, so you can easily store one in your tool kit, garage, workshop, truck, home, or even classroom.