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KACSOO Fireproof Safe Box with Fireproof Bag


A great fireproof safe at a lower price to fit anyone’s needs.


  • Dimensions: 12.2″D x 14.56″W x 11.8″H
  • Fireproof and Large Capacity – This safe box is made of strong solid steel, which is very strong and fireproof, and the lid is also tamper-proof. 1.2cub size and large capacity can hold pistols, cash, jewelry and important documents, etc. It is the best security partner for homes and offices
  • Removable Shelf/Fireproof Bag – The door of the fireproof safe is thickened, and the triple lock core reinforced with special technology is used to increase the anti-theft coefficient. Removable partitions can meet your storage needs of different sizes, with small size and large capacity.The gift of fireproof bag can provide additional protection for your important documents or property
  • Dual Unlock – This safe is designed with a digital code lock, which can be unlocked directly by the code and the knob. In case the password is forgotten or the battery is dead, two emergency keys are equipped. In an emergency, the key and knob can be used to unlock the lock. The operation is simple and durable
  • Alarm Reminder – The alarm function gives you more peace of mind. When the wrong password is entered 3 times, the safe will continue to alarm for 60 seconds until the correct password is entered. In other words, if a thief wants to secretly open the safe with a password, the alarm reminder function will buy you time. If you make a mistake by accident, the alarm sound will stop after opening the safe and cutting off the power