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LEATHERMAN Wave Plus Multitool


Whether you’re in an urban or rural environment, this will get the job done.  You may be turning off utilizes after (or before) an earthquake.  You may need to saw through a broken door frame or unscrew panels while trying to escape a building.  If you’re sheltering-in-place or bugging-out, the right multitool will be one of the most useful items you can pack.

The LEATHERMAN Wave Plus Multitool is hands down our most popular model.  Made famous by its outside-accessible blades that can be deployed with just one hand. When we redesigned it in 2004, we gave the new Wave larger knives.  Plus stronger pliers, longer wire cutters, and all-locking blades.

Now we’ve taken it a step further and added premium replaceable wire cutters. Introducing the Wave Plus, the perfect tool for quick fixes, tough jobs, and everything in between.


  • READY FOR ANYTHING.: A fresh upgrade to our most popular multitool; Now includes premium replaceable wire cutters for tackling jobs tough, big and small for years to come.
  • INSTANT TOOLKIT. Packs a quiver of 18 tools, including:
    • pliers,
    • replaceable wire cutters,
    • wire stripper,
    • knives,
    • saw,
    • spring-action scissors,
    • ruler,
    • can & bottle openers,
    • files and
    • screwdrivers
  • OUR GUARANTEE. We’re proud to stand behind every product that leaves our factory in Portland, Oregon.  That’s why we offer our 25-year warranty, so you can be confident your Leatherman lasts a lifetime.
  • ONE-HAND OPENING. You only need one hand to open and use the compact Wave Plus.  Even the ones that aren’t accessible from the outside.
  • CUT WITH CONFIDENCE. This pocket-sized classic features all-locking blades that you can trust.  Around the home, outdoors or on the job site.