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Stardust Spill Products Quick Response Universal Spill Kit


Stardust Spill Products D715 Quick Response Universal Spill Kit Includes Yellow Duffle, 15 Universal Sorbent Pads, 2 Universal Sorbent Socks 3″x4′, 4 Disposal Bags, Nitrile Gloves


  • Mobile, quick, economical response to spills, leaks, seepage, or discharges
  • Absorbs: Oils, Chemicals, Petroleum Products, Bodily Fluids, and much more. Fast-wicking pads & socks of highly absorbent materials absorb many times their weight
  • Easy to use, Lightweight, hand-carried, and easily portable. Environmentally Friendly
  • Store it in your vehicles or in convenient locations near likely spill areas
  • Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)