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Sun Company Avalanche Danger Indicator Slope Meter


Sun Company AvaGage – Avalanche Danger Indicator | Skiing and Snowboarding Slope Meter | Trail Inclinometer


  • DUAL USE – Shows (1) Approximate avalanche danger and (2) slope of terrain for hikers/skiers/snowboarders. Great 2-in-1 product that is designed to keep you safe at all levels of altitude!
  • THREE LEVELS OF AVALANCHE DANGER – AvaGage’s face is marked with three easy-to-read levels of danger. Yellow represents low danger, orange represents moderate danger, and red represents high danger.
  • COMPACT SIZE – At only 2.9″ wide and weighing in at only 0.6 oz, AvaGage is the most compact avalanche danger indicator available. Easily attach to parka, pack, or vest with attached splitring, or just slide it into one of your pockets for easy storage!
  • GROOVED BASE – AvaGage snugly aligns with your ski pole or trekking pole to aid in accurately measuring slope. Can also be permanently affixed to ski/trekking pole with zip-ties (not included). Use on any and all poles for quick and easy readings!
  • SNOW CRYSTAL GRIDS – On the back of AvaGage are three snow crystal grids (1mm, 2mm, and 3mm). Use the grids to measure snow crystal size and further gauge avalanche danger.