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zippo typhoon match kit

Zippo Typhoon Match Kit


If you want a backup to your backup, than matches are the way to go.  Wind and water-proof, these are basically miniature flares that won’t go out, even underwater!

Equipped For Any Forecast with Zippo Typhoon Match Kit

This Typhoon Match Kit is ready for any adventure. Its heavy-duty construction and sealed strike pad keep your Typhoon Matches in one place. The Typhoon Matches are resilient and boldly flame through anything Mother Nature throws at it. These mini-infernos are easy to strike and designed to defy the elements so you can light your fire in even the most severe conditions.

  • Stores and protects 15 typhoon matches/ floats in water & keeps matches dry
  • Keeps strike pad protected & dry to ensure reliable match ignition/ reusable, Durable & lightweight for long lasting Use
  • Provides attachment point for use in pocket, go bag, or On pack/ provides extra pads for long lasting Use and match refills
  • Matches can survive being submerged in water or rain/ 4″ Long; burns up to 30 seconds
  • Lid and storage Chamber; water resistant storage/ O ring seals