Are You Ready For a Disaster?

Are you ready for a disaster?

Pop quiz! How much water per person do you need in your Stay Bag? If you’re not sure, it’s a sign you’re not fully prepped.

When in doubt, use this handy flowchart to gauge how prepped you are. If you answered “no” to any questions, continue reading for free resources so you can turn that “no” into a “yes”! If you answered “yes” to everything, treat yourself to celebrate a job well done!

Am I ready for a disaster flowchart
Do you know what natural disasters affect your area?

If not, start by finding what disasters you need prep for based on your location ASAP.

Do you know what disasters supplies you need based on the disasters that affect your area? Do you have these supplies?

If not, it’s time to find out what gear you need and acquire it!

Do you have a thorough plan for your potential disasters? If so, does everyone in your household know their role in this plan?

If not, create your disaster plan NOW and get everyone involved.

If you have a disaster plan, have you practiced it with drills and have a maintenance schedule?

If you’ve answered “yes” to everything else except this question, you’re almost there! Practice drills now so you’re 100% ready for the real deal!

Did you answer “yes” to every question? If so,

Way to go! You’re prepped and that’s something to celebrate! Now you can help get your friends, family, and neighbors prepped to build community resilience.

Teamwork high five

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