Emergency Radio FAQs

1. What is hand cranked radio?

A hand crank winds up a dynamo that charges a battery. Otherwise the crank could wind up a coil spring that unwinds and turns the dynamo to provide power. 

A hand crank is not suitable for normal listening. But it is ideal for an emergency situation when you don’t have access to a wall outlet for recharge and can’t spare any AAA batteries.

2. What is NOAA Weather Radio?

The NOAA Emergency Weather Radio (NWR) is a network of radio stations. They broadcast continuous weather and emergency information directly from the National Weather Service.

NWR is critical for anyone living in areas prone to severe weather events and for outdoor enthusiasts who like camping and backpacking. 

NOAA weather radio operates on 7 frequencies in the VHF band and cannot be picked up by normalAM/FM radios. 

3. What is AM/FM?

AM/FM are radio transmission technologies. As a user you do not need to understand the nitty gritty of how they work. FM sounds better and has less static. There is no difference in power consumption. All radios made from the 1980s can handle both. The USA has 4,728 AM stations, and 6,613 FM stations. If you count educational FM stations the total is more than 15,000. An AM/FM radio ensures that you will have access to news in an emergency. 

4. Do I need solar power?

As an option, why not? Instead of cranking all day, the solar panel could run the radio and also charge the battery. After dark switch to the battery with a hand crank as a last resort. 

5. What is a digital tuner and display?

Analog tuners are no longer available and all radios use digital tuners. A digital display is the LCD panel showing the station and volume. An old fashioned analog dial is more sturdy. But we have become used to digital displays in everything from thermometers to gas stations. Naturally some feel more comfortable with a digital display. 

Wrapping Up 

A winter storm hit Texas in 2021 and killed at least 111. In January 2023 California saw constant flooding as the skies opened up.

Weather events are becoming more unpredictable by the day. 

To survive you not only need food, gear and good health but also access to information. Few dollars can save your loved ones from cataclysm. Therefore, buy one without hesitating and stay safe always

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