How to Deal with an Active Bioterror Attack

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Whether the bioterror vector is hantavirus-riddled anthropomorphic rats in stylish white boots or some equally terrifying spectre of death, your first instinct may be to panic and cry like a baby. While this is a good instinct, you will want to override it with some more effective survival strategies. Like these!

  1. If you suspect a location has exposed you to a bioterror agent, get away from the site.
  2. Cover your mouth and nose with a fabric layer or mask if you suspect aerosols have been released.
  3. Stay tuned to official sources for information. 
  4. If you think you’ve been been in contact with a bioterror agent, wash your exposed skin with soap and water. Continue washing regularly.
  5. Assess yourself! If you notice symptoms that might indicate your exposure to bioterror agents, immediately seek medical attention. Do not self-diagnose or treat. If you do not notice symptoms immediately, keep assessing on an hourly basis to see if new symptoms have developed.
  6. Use common sense. Practice good hygiene and cleanliness to limit the spread of the disease. Humans are a vector!
  7. Do everything you can to arrest the spread of any contagious disease. Draw on your Covid-19 quarantine experience.
  8. Stay indoors. 
  9. Do not consume any food, drink, or medication that is not properly packaged and may have been exposed.
  10. Keep a journal! People will pay big bucks for your story if anything interesting happens, so you’ll want a full record of your experience, even if it feels boring at the time.

Stay alert and always be wary of mice, especially if they are wearing shoes.

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They seem cute, but they may be teeming with disease from your mortal enemies!

Still have questions? We literally told you to ask your doctor if they can travel through time, so I don’t blame you. This has been quite broad, so let’s review some bioterrorism FAQ to help you put your best foot forward once the adorable mice come to destroy us.

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