Be Prepared for the Next Flood

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Too soon, Lee Ann. Too soon.

It’s all happening in real time! After a flood, get restock your kit and update your action plan with notes about what worked well. Floods can strike anywhere and at any time. Recap!

  • Be aware of which local areas are at greatest risk for flooding; make note of areas and roads on high ground.
  • Check to see if your community provides free flood-related resources like sandbags.
  • Prepare an emergency kit that’s ready to go at a moment’s notice during a flood evacuation.
  • Know the suggested evacuation routes and be prepared to take action before flood waters become too dangerous to cross.
  • Avoid wading or driving through flood waters whenever possible.
  • Protect your home against flood waters as much as your situation allows.
  • Listen to authorities and stay aware of potential flooding during storms or other catastrophes.
  • Again, don’t ever voluntarily enter flood waters! Be aware of the dangers present in floodwaters, even after it’s deemed safe to return. There may be sharp objects, toxic chemicals, or even downed power lines creating unseen hazards.
  • Perform a complete home inspection after a flood to identify issues like structural damage, mold, or other hazards.
  • Third time’s a charm: Turn around; Don’t drown.
  • After a disaster, join in on the social goodwill and try to help others if you’re able. Whether you join a larger organization’s efforts or assist individuals on your own, helping other people can help you create new bonds and process the difficult feelings that often accompany a disaster.

Above all, arm yourself with knowledge and don’t wait to prepare! Even if a flood is gathering slowly, you won’t have much time to act once a storm begins. Preparing in advance will make your flood experience safer and more manageable. Take the appropriate precautions ahead of time to be sure you’re ready to move if danger arrives.

Stay vigilant, stay prepared, and stay out of those floodwaters, friends!

Flooded buildings

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