How to Prepare for a Nuclear Attack

When it happens, you’ll have to spring into combat mode within minutes. 

Let’s face it, most people in the crosshair of such an attack won’t survive. But if you’re prepared, you and your family will be among those who do. 

Here are 3 ways how you can prepare for a nuclear attack:

  1. Find Safe Places

Find and list out your area’s designated fallout shelters. 

fallout shelter, how to prepare for a nuclear attack

If officials don’t have such information, you can find and earmark potential shelters in your community. 

These places should be near your:

  • Home,
  • Workplace,
  • School, and
  • Daily commute routes

The best fallout shelters can be basements, subway tunnels, and central areas of the middle floors of high-rise buildings, preferably without windows.

  1. Build an Emergency Preparedness Kit

If you are even under a nuclear attack and need to survive for days without help or access to resources, what will come in handy is an emergency preparedness kit. 

Learn more about building a nuclear emergency preparedness kit here.

  1. Build an Emergency Communication Plan

You might not be with your family when a nuclear attack happens. 

Panic defeats preparedness. Instead, plan for panic management. Prepare an emergency communication plan. 

Check out the guide to preparing an emergency communication plan here.

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