After the Snowstorm

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As the snow is cleared away, you can wave goodbye to your snowmen all you want, but you still have chores to do.

  • Inspect your home carefully. Have the walls and roof come through intact? If there is damage, does it need immediate repair or can it wait a couple of weeks?
  • Inspect the plumbing. If the water inside is frozen, you have even more chores to do.
  • Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly. Help those around you. It will make you feel even better than your kids’ homegrown play did!
  • Talk about the experience with your family. Help each other feel more confident about the next storm.
  • If your home has suffered damage, you need to start taking pictures right away. Photograph everything that could be considered damage from the storm, since they’ll require proof for your claim.
    • Reach out to your insurance company and have them send out an assessor. Many others will be making claims and the earlier you put your name in, the better. 
  • You may be eager to return to work and your regular routines, but remember to eat well and get lots of rest. Your body went through a period of high stress. Even if you feel mostly normal, it’s likely your adrenaline and cortisol are elevated. Hot, protein-rich foods that soothe will help you sleep.  
  • Don’t go on that road trip just yet. The roads could be full of old branches and snow. Allow time for emergency services to restore them. 

If you have significant damage from the storm, reach out to FEMA in addition to your insurance company. They are able to provide assistance after some natural disasters.

Remember to restock your emergency kit each fall with food and supplies that won’t expire for at least a year, and make sure your family knows that those supplies are for emergencies only. Prepare to be prepared, and all should go well during the next snowstorm!

dry ramen noodles
We will meet again, beloved instant ramen. We will meet again.

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