Be Prepared for the Next Tsunami


It’s not LIKELY that you’ll experience two tsunamis, but with fracking on the rise and humanity’s overall quality of life just generally going to hell, it doesn’t hurt to stay prepared.

Update Your Kit

As you already know, having an emergency preparedness kit ready is important. But that kit is only useful if the contents are functional. So, revisit your kit every year to make sure it stays up to date. 

Check expiration dates on foods and water to make sure that nothing’s expired, and won’t expire within the next year. Likewise, be sure that medications or other time-sensitive supplies also haven’t expired either, and get new prescriptions if necessary. Try to refill your kit with items that won’t expire before your next scheduled update.

If you’ve included a battery pack like a phone charging bank, recharge it periodically; lithium-ion-based devices can lose their charge when left in standby mode. Check your traditional batteries to make sure they haven’t corroded. A battery tester will come in handy for this!

Keep your documents up to date by setting a monthly reminder to check your emergency kit and back up your hard drives. Having copies of all of your documents with you can give you major peace of mind during a crisis.

be prepared for a tsunami

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Review the Plan

Time to recap! What will keep us safe during a tsunami?

The thought of living through a tsunami is a lot to take in, but just like all the other scary parts of life, it’s manageable if you take it one step at a time. Do your research, collect your supplies, and perform annual updates to your kit and drills. With this preparation, you’ll mitigate tsunami risks as much as possible. You’re still at the whim of the water, but you can sleep easy knowing you’ve done everything right.

About the Authors

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A former international non-profiteer, small business owner, and co-op'er, Katherine is delighted to help introduce more leftist politics into the disaster preparedness/prepper sphere, which is currently far too right-wing.