Volcano Preparedness

Not my kind of lazy river.

VOLCANOES. They’re everywhere you didn’t expect them to be.

Just kidding, they’re exactly where you think they are. They’re pretty well documented, and most people aren’t trying to keep them a secret. BUT! Did you know that 8% of the global population lives within 100 miles (62km) of a volcano that’s had at least one significant eruption? That’s more than half a billion people! I bet you just said, “Wow,” you little Owen Wilson impersonator! So here we are, realizing together that volcano eruptions are a very real danger. Let’s get prepared!

If you live near an active volcano, you almost certainly already know about it, but you might not know all of the steps you can take to avoid a truly devastating catastrophe, should the unthinkable occur.

Below, we’ll review the facts about volcanic eruptions, ways to prepare, and how to react once the heat is on. Consider this your all-in-one guide to volcano eruption preparedness:

erupting lava volcano, how to prepare for a volcanic eruption
If you’re house hunting, this is not the neighborhood you want.

About the Authors

It takes a village! We are researching, writing and fact checking as a family. Collaboration is the name of the game, whether we’re running from a zombie horde or finding the best way to turn a complex concept into a deliciously digestible set of bullet points.

Katherine Esperanza is a Los Angeles based writer. When she's not conjuring new queer slice-of-life short stories, she's busy watching the newest films, out at queer shows, supporting queer artists, or just checking out the queer community as a whole.

A former international non-profiteer, small business owner, and co-op'er, Katherine is delighted to help introduce more leftist politics into the disaster preparedness/prepper sphere, which is currently far too right-wing.