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Disaster Bundle

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The Disaster Bundle guides you and your family through the disaster planning process.

With easy-to-follow steps, humor, and style.

These beautifully designed, high-quality printed materials work together to brighten your path toward complete disaster preparedness while making it as painless as possible. Once you complete the process, you’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing your family will be well-protected when the shit inevitably hits the fan.

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The Disaster Bundle includes a family-sized helping of our iconic disaster swag.

  • 1 Disaster Playbook (8.5″×11″ spiral-bound book)
  • 2 I Will Thrive Manuals (8.5″×11″ saddle-stitched books) — one for your Go Bag and one for your Stay Bag (aka Emergency Kit)
  • 10 Emergency Buddies (8-panel wallet-size reference booklets, folding to 3.5″x2″) — enough for every purse, backpack, and glove compartment
  • 1 Master of Disaster (8.5″x11″ digital download fillable form)
  • 1 Disaster Deep Dive (95 page 8.5″x11″ digital download)
  • 2 Grab & Go Checklists (8.5″x11″ heavy duty bifolds) — one for you and one for your partner — divide and conquer!
  • 2 Important Papers Packs (1-pocket folders for 8.5″x11″ and smaller papers) — one for your Go Bag and one for your Stay Bag
  • BONUS sticker sheet (8″x10″)
  • 1 thin Sharpie pen
  • 100% post-consumer recycled paper for all printed items. (After all, a good disaster plan is a printed disaster plan. You can’t rely on the internet during an emergency. Sorry, not sorry.)

Are you a mostly normal person who wants to prepare your family for disaster scenarios, but the thought of off-grid cabins or underground bunkers seems ridiculous? These tools are the tools for you!

Our Disaster Bundle combines all the resources at HCTA’s disposal, along with a hearty dollop of dark humor, to develop your defenses against the rising chance of facing a natural disaster (or zombie apocalypse, as it were). These materials are deeply researched, compiled, and written by a crack team of literal geniuses to ensure that the most likely disasters you might encounter are covered, no matter where you reside.

Five Stars

The Bundle gets five stars!

“I am truly blown away. It’s out of this world and on so many levels. The thoroughness of the content, clever jokes, monstery design, so user friendly.”


mom to two humans and one cat
“The info is exactly what I personally need. Your ability to make this subject even mildly entertaining, let alone hilarious and fun, is impressive.”


mom to three humans
“The Disaster Bundle is thoughtful, fun, and possible to chunk out into smaller bits of work. I’m really impressed!”


parent to one human
“It is such a relief to have steps to follow. I used to google stuff and get totally overwhelmed. I’m finally in action, and it is awesome!”


mom to two humans and three cats

The What, Why, and How of each tool:

Disaster Playbook
  • Disaster Playbook TOC page
  • Disaster Playbook - Rundown
  • Disaster Playbook - Gather Important Papers spread
  • Disaster Playbook - Maze
  • Disaster Playbook - Checklists
  • Disaster Playbook - Apocalols
  • Disaster Playbook
  • Disaster Playbook Back Cover
What it contains:
  • Concise instructions for completing your disaster preparations in three parts: gear, planning, and practice
  • Baseline disaster info and gear explanations to contextualize your prep and help you develop a sense of what aspects matter most to you
  • Plenty of jokes, cartoons, photos, stories, and activity pages to keep you going whenever the utilitarian core of the content rears its boring head
  • Emotional intelligence (this game is 90% mental!)
Why you need it: 
  • DIY prep means hours of research, which we’ve already done for you
  • Most people trying to prepare without a guide give up before they’re fully prepared!
  • You want to prep so you’ll be safe and comfortable when there’s a disaster… not so you can live off-grid forever
How we make it easy: 
  • Preparing is a complex task; the Playbook makes sure you’ll keep returning to where you left off until you’re done
  • We meet you where you are and give you the “preparing to prepare” tools you need to succeed
  • We’re pretty funny, if you like gallows humor
2 I Will Thrive Manuals
  • Open I Will THRIVE Manual - Emergency Situation Checklist
  • Open I Will THRIVE Manual - Designated Meeting Places
  • Open I Will THRIVE Manual - Flowchart
  • Open I Will THRIVE Manual - Contact Info
  • I Will THRIVE Manual Open Page - Disaster Tips
  • I Will THRIVE Manual Open Page 1
  • I Will Thrive Manual
  • I Will THRIVE Manual Back
What it contains:
  • Fillable forms for emergency contacts, family photos, home safety diagrams, designated meeting places, evacuation and emergency scenario checklists, and more
  • Tips to keep your group safe (and sane) in a disaster
Why you need it: 
  • Keeps everything in one place for easy reference during a crisis
  • Organizes what you’ve learned from the Disaster Playbook
  • Keeps your disaster prep moving forward; the end is in sight!
How we make it easy: 
  • It’s a workbook! If you hate guesswork, fill-in-the-blanks are for you.
  • It’s not TOO MUCH. Thrive by being comprehensive… not obsessive.
10 Emergency Buddies
  • Emergency Buddy Filled out
  • Emergency Buddy folded and unfolded
  • Emergency buddy stored in wallet
  • Emergency Buddy Quad Fold Display
  • Emergency Buddy Product Image
What it contains:
  • All of the important core info your absent-minded friends and family might need while they’re out and something bad happens
  • Personal details for better results if you are incapacitated during a crisis
  • Designated meeting places and tips for reacting to disasters and emergencies
Why you need it: 
  • Having important phone numbers and designated meeting places on-hand can help a separated child reunite with family more easily
  • Receiving care at an out-of-network hospital is a disaster all its own
  • Losing your phone or depleting your battery can happen anytime; the Emergency Buddy is your back up plan
How we make it easy: 
  • It fits right in your pocket, wallet, purse, backpack — anywhere you have space for a credit card.
  • You don’t need to be crafty to create an effective tool that goes everywhere with you; you just need a pen (included in the Disaster Bundle!)
Master of Disaster
  • Master of Disaster - How to talk calmly to people in crisis
  • Master of Disaster Flow Chart
  • Master of Disaster
What it contains:
  • Great resources and all of the contact info your OOTC will need to be your personal emergency dispatcher
  • Advice on how to be a good leader and a great helper in a crisis
  • Space to personalize it with any additional details your OOTC might need
Why you need it: 
  • Gathering these important tips into a single location makes them more accessible to your OOTC in an emergency
  • Your OOTC will perform better with a clear system of action than with a DIY solution
How we make it easy: 
  • It’s strikingly beautiful and thoughtfully made; it makes it easier for your OOTC to remember it exists and that they are your lifeline
  • It’s a single digital file (or you can print it) that you can easily update annually
Disaster Deep Dive
What it contains:
  • Useful info about the most common disasters, and a few rarer ones
  • Guides for fully preparing for specific disasters
  • Guides and templates to help you create drills for specific disasters
Why you need it: 
  • Your location and other variables determine your disaster risk; you’re more at risk for some disasters than others
  • Each chapter gives you a clearer view of how preparing for and reacting to each disaster will work for your family
How we make it easy: 
  • Your drills need to be customized for your household, but a general list of rules makes making them a lot easier
  • You can’t do a task until you can formulate a task; we’ve formulated a pretty comprehensive list of tasks for you to choose from
2 Grab & Go Checklists

  • Grab and Go Checklist SlightlyOpen
  • Grab and Go Checklist Against Wall
  • Filled out checklist inside
  • Checklist exterior filled out
  • Grab and Go Checklist
What it contains:
  • Instructions for crafting effective evacuation lists and assigning responsibilities
  • A full page for responsibilities ranked by importance
  • Individual lists for evacuating in 30 seconds, 5 minutes, or 1 hour
Why you need it: 
  • Doing all your thinking now will make you act faster laster
  • Emergencies can make you forget important steps; writing them down makes it easier to complete all necessary tasks
How we make it easy: 
  • It’s beautiful enough to keep on display, which makes accessing it in an emergency even faster
  • Color coding on the item lists will keep your group on track
2 Important Papers Packs
  • Open Important Papers Pack Open
  • Open Important Papers Folder
  • Important Paper Folder with Paper Inside
  • Important Papers Folder Front
What it contains:
  • A guide to collecting and maintaining all of the papers you’ll need to rebuild your life
  • A handy pocket to keep them from falling out while you’re on the run
Why you need it: 
  • Bureaucracy will be the last vestige of human society to fail
  • The list is built in — no need to keep a mental list while you’re gathering them
How we make it easy: 
  • Fun tools are inspiring; the beauty of the folder will help you fill it faster
  • Pairs perfectly with the I Will Survive Manual for easy access during an emergency; keep them in your Go Bag and Stay Bag!
BONUS Sticker Sheet
sticker sheet

Express yourself with this exclusive Disaster Bundle bonus. React, recoil, rejoice! Preparing for disasters can be an emotional roller coaster.

Don’t keep it all bottled up. Screw your courage to the sticking place and stick these sticky stickers with confidence. Great for decorating your HCTA tools, water bottles, or small children who love profanity.

Thin Sharpie

When he said “a thing of beauty is a joy forever,” Keats was talking about Sharpies. The entire purpose of the Disaster Bundle is to keep you motivated all the way to the end of your prep process, and the right pen makes a huge difference. Check off the boxes in your Playbook like a queen!

The Sharpie pen is smooth, decisive, and water-resistant. Keep it in your Go Bag when you’re done with your prep. The apocalypse calls for a high quality writing implement, especially if you only have room for one.

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Our team went all the way down the preparedness rabbit hole (so you don’t have to) and broke the best practices into easy-to-digest chunks.

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We want you to handle challenging times with grace & peace. Our tools plan for the emotional challenges that may lie ahead.

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If we have to prepare, let’s do it with flair. Our team of designers and illustrators have created sexy, artful tools to ease the path.

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We’ve injected corny jokes into every nook and cranny, so you can giggle your way to resilience. Commence the eye rolling!

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We have created physical products because digital records only work if you have power. A good disaster plan is a printed disaster plan.

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The Disaster Bundle

$205 $129.95


Our signature bundle features a family-sized helping of our iconic disaster swag.

You’ll get our Disaster Playbook, two copies of our I Will Thrive Manual, 10 Emergency Buddies, two Grab & Go Checklists, two Important Papers Packs, our Disaster Deep Dive e-book, the essential Master of Disaster digital form, a Sharpie, and a bonus sticker sheet!

Get prepared without losing your mind.


$205 VALUE

Our signature bundle includes a family-sized helping of our iconic disaster swag.

We did the research so you don’t have to. And it was exhausting, so you’re welcome.

You deserve disaster planning materials that don’t suck.

The Disaster Bundle