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Hospital Vomit Bags – 24 Pack



  • MEDICAL-GRADE VOMIT BAGS – Healqu Blue Emesis Bags are made with ultra-durable, sturdy, and extra-thick plastic material – 100% leakproof and puncture-proof! Each bag features a big opening rim that fits perfectly in the mouth area to prevent spills when in use.
  • SMART AND SECURE CLOSURE – Our Puke Bags are equipped with an innovative ring closure that securely seals the bag after use. It effectively traps the pungent smell inside. Simply twist and dispose. (Bags are for single use only)
  • 1000ML EXTRA-LARGE CAPACITY – With its 1000mL capacity, this Vomit Bag is big enough to hold whatever comes out. It is perfect for people who have travel motion and air sickness, morning sickness due to pregnancy, and for everyone who needs a reliable vomit bag for long trips.
  • MORE THAN JUST AN PUKE BAG – You can depend on Healqu Vomiting Bags to give you a relaxing trip without worrying about messy and smelly vomit. Aside from their regular function, they also double as very useful plastic bags for waste disposal, such as rotting and spoiled foods.
  • GREAT VALUE, PACK OF 24 – This bulk pack contains 24 pieces of Barf Bags that you can conveniently carry when traveling to help deal with barfing accidents. It is a must-have for taxis and cars to ensure that your drunk passengers and friends will not ruin your car interior.