The apocalypse is a BYOB event: Bring Your Own Bags. Fill your Go Bags, Stay Bags, and all the others with useful gear that will cover your needs when things get dicey. Our gear checklists are a one-stop shop. Just click the links, make your purchases, and check them off as you go.

Whether you’re packing light or you’re gunning for gold in the Prepper Olympics, give it some thought and choose the items that make sense for your household. Any gear is better than no gear at all. If you’re not sure what to get, start with the Disaster Playbook, where we break it all down while we hype you up. If you’re in a major hurry, a pre-packaged Go Bag is probably the best choice for now. You can always add to your kits when you have more free time or a bigger budget!

Go Bag List

Go Bags are your key to evacuating in style. While you collect your gear, make sure you’re also packing away your important papers and other irreplaceable items.

Stay Bag List

Stay Bags (aka Emergency Kits) make life bearable if you’ve got to make do without going out. They’re clutch for power outages, pandemic-induced lockdowns, and (yikes) nuclear attacks.

Under the Bed Stash List

Sleep easier in earthquake country. (P.S. That’s more places than you think.) If The Big One catches you while you’re catching some Z’s, you’ll be in better shape if you have some bedside PPE.

Get Home Bag List

Car people, unite! If your car is already your home-away-from-home, make it your bunker-away-from-bunker. Anyone with a car should be hauling some basic disaster necessities.

Work Stash List

If you’re considering skipping this one, just remember how long one hour at work seems while you’re working… and how much longer twelve hours would feel if you got stuck there overnight.