Fire Preparedness around the House

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Walk AWAY from the fire. AWAY!

Has the oil in your pan ever caught fire while you were cooking? Has a candle ever gotten a little too close to your Q-tips in the bathroom? If you survived the heart attack brought on by seeing flames in your house, congratulations.

Using fire in our houses is one of the most mundane ways we threaten our own lives; it’s just so darn convenient and cozy… until it’s vengeful and terrifying. We love it; we fear it; we write poetry about it:

Red and yellow, dancing ribbons of heat.
Clutching at the skies.
Breathing sparks and embers.
Man’s best friend and worst foe.

Rule of Thumb

Writing poetry is an excellent way to process your feelings about disasters. Please feel free to submit your disaster poetry to us for publishing consideration!

In 2021, there were almost half a million structure fires in the US, which caused more than $13 billion in damage. In the next 90 seconds, while you read this article, someone in America will dial 911 to ask for firefighters.

So, if fire is an ever-present threat in our homes, how do we prepare ourselves for the moments it escapes our control?

House Fire preparedness

My in-laws lost their home to a fire. I know how miserable it is. When you’re out there, staring into the smokescreen, your only thought is – I wish I was prepared.

The difference between “we’ll get through this,” and “we’re completely gutted,” is preparing: teaching your family how to prevent fires around the home, knowing what to do in case of a fire, and setting up well-practiced escape plans.

Tackling fire preparedness on your own isn’t easy, enjoyable, or quick. Like most stuff on which your life depends, it demands time and attention. The good news is, if you find time, I’ll get you the knowledge and make getting prepared as easy as possible!

In this guide, I’ll cover:

Firefighters fighting house fire
We’re gonna have… a blast.

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