Should I Add a Stanley Cup to My Go Bag?

Stanley Cups for Go Bags?

If you’ve been on social media lately, especially TikTok, you’ve probably heard of the Stanley Cup. No, not the hockey trophy, but the 40 oz Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler. This $45 water bottle has caused quite a stir, as “Stanley Cup” currently has over 110 million views on TikTok. When the limited edition Stanley x Starbucks hot pink quencher was announced in late 2023, people flocked to Target, lining up in the early hours of the morning to grab one. The numbers back up this craze: Stanley’s reported annual revenue jumped from $73 million in 2019 to $750 million in 2023!

From the Swell Bottle in 2016, to the Hydro Flask in 2019, we know that water bottles have been going through a trend cycle, and the Stanley Cup is currently the “it” water bottle. However, would it make a good addition to your Go Bag as essential water storage? We break down the pros and cons, and deliver our final verdict.

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Stanley Cup Pros

  • Strong insulation – The Stanley Cup will keep your drink cold for hours. A viral video showed a Stanley cup surviving a car fire and with ice still inside!
  • Functional design – The Stanley Cup has a handle and a versatile lid, boasting three position options. It also fits in a standard car cup holder. The handle is bulky, but it would make it easy to attach to a bag with a carabiner.
  • Made from recycled BPA-free dishwasher safe materials – Specifically, 90% recycled 18/8 stainless steel. You probably won’t have a dishwasher when you evacuate, but it will be easy to clean, no matter what.

Stanley Cup Cons

  • It’s reported to leak – Despite the Stanley website claiming it’s leak proof, various reviews say otherwise.
  • It’s heavy – At 1.4 lbs (unfilled), the Stanley Cup is definitely on the heavier side. Remember, you will have to carry your Go Bag, and every gallon of water weighs eight pounds on its own!
  • Price tag – At $45, you can find better water bottles for the same price or cheaper.
  • Large size for small capacity – It’s massive, but it only stores 40 oz. You could carry more water in a smaller space, and it’s ideal to carry at least one gallon in your Go Bag.
  • Incompatible with backpack water holders – Although the bottom is small enough to fit in a standard car cup holder, the rest of the bottle is quite thick. Additionally, its large handle makes it impossible to fit in most backpack water holders.
  • It’s a trend – Maybe this is a pro if you’re a hyper-consumer who must always have what’s hot, but there are other great water bottle options that won’t look dated in a couple years.

Our Verdict

Although we were impressed by its ability to keep drinks cold, we don’t think the Stanley Cup is worth it for your Go Bag due to the cons significantly outweighing the pros. Its weight and reported leakage are the biggest deal breakers for us; they’re two things we wouldn’t want to worry about in an emergency! If the pros still appeal to you, a Stanley cup may make more sense in your everyday life, especially if you work at a desk or drive a lot.

Go Bag Water Carrier Recommendations

The Stanley Cup isn’t it, but you do need to carry some water in your Go Bag! We think these are better alternatives.

LifeStraw 1L Water Bottle with Filter

This BPA-free water bottle has a built-in contamination filter, making it a great water container for your Go Bag. At 268 grams, it’s also nowhere near as heavy as the Stanley Cup.

Owala FreeSip

This insulated leakproof water bottle comes in a variety of beautiful colors and sizes and includes a straw. Many people report to prefer it over the Stanley Cup!

Stanley Legendary Classic Canteen | 1.1QT

If you’re still interested in the Stanley brand, we think this would be a better fit for emergencies. It has a carrying strap to save room in your Go Bag. Unlike their Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler, this Stanley canteen is under 1 lb in weight and has a classic twist opening to prevent leaks.

Hydro Flask 24 oz Standard Mouth

This classic water bottle has a color for everyone and is leakproof. Its design insulates without adding too much additional weight.

1.3 Gallon Collapsible WaterStorageCube

This collapsible water storage container holds the ideal amount of water you’d want per person in your Go Bag. Better yet, it’s compact and the (BPA-free) plastic is light weight. It comes in various sizes, so the 5.3 gallon size is perfect for your Stay Bag. Pair it with water purification tablets for plenty of clean drinking water!

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