Space Clearing Tips to Maintain Your Energy in Close Quarters

Sage for Space Clearing Tips to Maintain Your Energy in Close Quarters

These are interesting times we are living in.

It’s easy to feel stressed or anxious wherever you live. For those of us making it work in close quarters… every day can be even more of a challenge.

Try these easy tips to help you find your sanity and clear your space.

1. Use Palo Santo or sage regularly

Both Palo Santo and sage are amazing at clearing out negative energy in your space. One way to use these is to burn them regularly (a process known as smudging). An alternative for burning is to make or buy a Palo Santo spray. This is perfect for or anyone who is sensitive to smoke.

To DIY your own Palo Santo spray: Take a piece of Palo Santo wood, soak it in 1/2 cup of lukewarm water, and add some of your favorite essential oils. Add that mixture to a spray bottle and voilà! You have your own Palo Santo smudge spray.

To use these to clear out stuck energy, burn or spray the Palo Santo or sage and then open up a window or door to let the old energy out. Another option is to use a fan to represent the energy circulating and releasing it to where it needs to go. You’ll feel different and it should affect your mood in a more positive way.

Let’s say you just had a disagreement with your spouse, partner, or family member (which can be very common at this time since we are all in such close quarters). Simply spray or burn, open a window, and feel better!

2. Breathing techinques

There are two different breathing techniques that you can do to combat the feelings of stress and anxiety during this time.

alternate nostril breathing hand

The first technique is called alternate nostril breathing. You may be familiar with this if you’ve practiced yoga.

With this technique, you gently close one nostril with your thumb, take a deep breath in, hold your breath and switch to cover your opposite nostril with either your middle or ring finger and exhale out. Keep your fingers there and breathe in, hold your breath, switch, and breathe out.

how to do alternate nostril breathing
Alternate nostril breathing

This technique helps balance the left and right side of your brain, the male and the female energy, and it helps your whole body feel more in balance with itself.

The second technique I call the cooling breath. It’s kind of the opposite of how we naturally would like to breathe. You start by taking a deep breath into your mouth, hold it, and exhale through the nose. Practice this technique three times in a row. And then take a regular breath.

This technique calms the parasympathetic nervous system very quickly and helps your whole energy to ground. When you are in a small space and you feel like you need your “own space” and you can’t have it, this is a great breathing exercise to do!

3. Express to others when you anticipate needing a break

This is a great space clearing technique for your mind. You will want to express to the other people in your space when you anticipate needing a break. Notice how I’m not suggesting that you say this “the moment you need a break,” because usually when you are at that point when you need it, it is almost too late. You are already in the anxiety and the annoyance. The goal is to plan for breaks ahead of time.

The way I do this is to look at my calendar and plug in all of the things I want to accomplish during the day. Then I deliberately leave break spaces: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I put everyone in my home on notice that during those break times, I’m off duty and not available (unless it’s an emergency).

The more you can take care of yourself and prioritize your spiritual self-care, you will find that it is easier to be in close quarters with others. It’s possible you might actually start to enjoy it because you’ll feel so confident in your space internally that it won’t matter to you what mood people choose to be in around you.

Try these easy techniques at home and let me know in the comments which one resonated and worked for you. If these work for you, I have a free PDF gift on my website called 21 Best Practices for Empaths that you can download here. Enjoy!

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