5 Apocalypse Scenarios Way Worse Than This One

Alien Invasion

To help give ourselves some context about how bad this could be, we’ve rounded up a list of five apocalypse scenarios way worse than our current one.

5. Alien Invasion

In their world, fingernails are currency. So they systematically tie all of us up and pull out our fingernails. (Obviously.)

4. Water World

There is no land. Anywhere. Kevin Costner just drank urine.

3. Nuclear Spill

You can’t go outside or risk radiation poison. Even for groceries, even with a mask. You can’t even open your windows. Yikes!

2. Zombie Apocalypse

I recently binged the first three seasons of the Walking Dead and my nighttime bathroom visits will never be the same.

Imagine that you’re surrounded by a billion invisible viruses… (Just like now, granted.) But instead of them making you and your loved ones die… they made them die and then want to eat you.

Yeah, it’s worse but it’s also REALLY unlikely… Which brings us to #1…

1. This same scenario. Without Internet!

No Zoom. No Google hang outs. No virtual concerts, comedy, or exercise sessions.

No Netflix and chill. No screen time to distract the kids.

Can you imagine?!

Thank goodness for the Internet, right??

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