5 Reasons to Get CPR & First Aid Trained

5 reasons 4 CPR!

Every morning after dropping my kid off at school, I walk by a pile of backpacks. They belong to the kids who have gym class first thing in the morning. And, because my mind is pretty dark (surprise! I started this website), I imagine what would happen if one of them had a bomb in it. And each and every time, I am glad that I am certified in both CPR and First Aid from the Red Cross and that I have some knowledge that might come in handy in the event something horrible like that happened.

Are you certified? Please get certified today. It’s worth it.

Why get certified, you ask? Here are five reasons:

Dog doing CPR
This dog can do it. Why not you?

1. A few hours of your time might save someone’s life.

Really! Just a couple of hours and you’re a certified lifesaver. It’s not hard. The dog in the GIF above is pretty close to doing it right.

2. That person might be someone you love.

Helplessness isn’t worth the time you’ll save by not taking the class. If you are trained, you can act quickly in all kinds of scenarios to help someone in trouble. That will mean a lot if the person in trouble is your child, spouse, parent, or another loved one.


Why are you still reading?

Schedule your class! Do you really need another reason? 

OK fine.

3. Climate change!

Disasters are becoming more frequent and more intense as climate change marches us slowly toward a genuine apocalypse. More disasters each year means more opportunities to exercise your CPR and First Aid skills.

4. Your rivals will be so jealous.

People who can’t give the breath of life will feel like puny earthworms when they find out you have the skills to pull someone back from the brink of death!

5. You can do it online!

Really, you don’t even have to put on pants. You can learn how to save someone’s life from the comfort of your favorite chair. We’ve even linked the online classes for you right here!

Schedule your class now.

CPR pratice
Great job, youths! Get that certification!

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