Don’t Freak Out. Shake Out

The Great Shake Out

Today is the Great California Shake Out. I live in California and I fear every day that there will be a major earthquake.

At 7am this morning, my cat was pawing my door and shaking it. I thought it was an earthquake.

I cannot tell you how often I wake up in a cold sweat, thinking it’s an earthquake.

So how do we chill out, knowing that earthquakes are around the corner?

Practice. Have drills. Talk about what you’ll do as a family.

Most earthquake injuries are a result of falling, either from you falling or something falling on you. So, to reduce the risk of injury, the goal of an earthquake drill is to find cover and anchor yourself until the shaking stops.

The catch phrase is: Drop, Cover, and HOLD ON!!

  1. Drop: Hit the ground! Get on your hands and knees to lower your center of gravity and avoid falling.
  2. Cover: Crawl underneath something sturdy. Tables and desks make excellent hiding places. Once you’re safe, cover the back of your neck with one hand for added protection.
  3. Hold on: While under the table or desk, hold on to one of the legs. This will help keep you steady. If your cover moves, either hold it in place or go with it. Don’t come out until the earthquake is over.
stop and drop
crawl for cover
Crawl for Cover
hold on
Hold On!! (A cat may not be the best option.)

Take a moment today and think about what you would do in the event of an earthquake. Talk to your loved ones.

And set some time aside to read through our Earthquake Preparedness Guide and make sure you and your family are in the best shape possible for the inevitable.

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