Feel the Feels

Feel the Feels

You have permission. To feel all your feels.

To cry. To dance. To forget.

To scream. To eat all the chips in the bag. To bing watch that entire season.

To avoid the news & social media completely.

To scream and punch a pillow.

To mourn your loved ones. Even if you haven’t lost them yet.

To crumple in a pile on your bedroom floor.

To give your kids frozen waffles for dinner. Again.

To feel sad.

To feel angry. To feel robbed. Of your life. Of the year you should have had. Of your friends, family. Your freedom.

To feel empty. To wish, against all reason, to go back in time to that other life that drove you crazy in that familiar way.

To sob uncontrollably.

To be YOU.

At this moment.

Whatever that means.

About the Author

Professional worrier. Mom, entrepreneur. Lifetime student of brain science. Passionate about surviving what's coming (climate change, wtf) and staying as sane as possible. Determined to make the best of the end of the world.


  1. Feel the Feels – I just wanted to mention another feeling that should be up there because during this time of isolation I have found joy, complete happiness in the peace of not seeing people, knowing that nooone will knock on the door, of having all the time in the world to plant the garden, to spend time with the children, to go for a long walk, to soak in nature, time to observe nature in all it’s beauty and the knowledge that the world was healing while everyone was at home. Then when I spoke to someone I had to try and stop myself from telling them that I’m bubbling over with happiness and positivity and suddenly remember all the people who are in pain or dying and all the staff looking after them and how hard they are working while I swan about. Then I felt guilty for feeling this way however I knew that being positive in a world paralysed by fear was very useful to the whole so I embraced it, it’s worn off now and I’ve gone back to the up and down way I felt before. I did also see my first ever Aura and my mum and daughter have both mentioned having psychic experiences, either predictive dreams or thinking of a long lost friend just before they were contacted by them. Neither are prone to this sort of thing so it must be the quiet, the time and the lack of distraction that is creating space for this. Much love Xxx

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this Kate. I, too, have found joy in gardening, in stillness, in the quiet. I absolutely agree with you that it is useful. It’s so positive for you and your body to be focusing on the positivity. That is one of my hopes with this project: to bring positivity in a very dark time. The psychic experiences are also very interesting. This is truly a unique time. Much love to you!

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