Greetings Neighbor!

Neighbor Card

Ever wonder what your neighbors are up to these days? I’ve been thinking a lot about how the internet and social media has brought us together while we’re more than six feet apart.

What about those who aren’t good with technology or who don’t have a strong support network?

How are our neighbors faring at this challenging time? We recently received a drawing from little kids next door and it made our day. It got me thinking… how can we brighten someone’s day in ten minutes or less?

We created an adorable printable card to say, “Hey there, we’re thinking of you!”

Simply download it, print it, personalize it, Lysol spray the heck out of it (jk, then it would be all wet), drop it off, and know you made someone’s day brighter.

Self-isolation can make a person feel… isolated. This small act will go along way to ensure the people around us are doing okay.

After all, we are in this together.

Neighbor Card
Neighbor Card
Neighbor Card
Neighbor Card

Instructions: It’s easy! Download, print, fold it in half vertically, and again horizontally.

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Mother of two frenchies, stepmom of two spirited tweens. Designer, illustrator, amateur chef.

Professional worrier. Mom, entrepreneur. Lifetime student of brain science. Passionate about surviving what's coming (climate change, wtf) and staying as sane as possible. Determined to make the best of the end of the world.

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