Best Pre-Packaged Go-Bags for One

While you read this, someone’s grappling with an emergency – wildfire, earthquake, tsunami, bear attack, avalanche, simultaneous bear attack and avalanche, etc. Emergencies happen every day! We hope you don’t get caught up in one, but there’s a chance you will. Do what smart people do. Get a trustworthy pre-packaged go-bag.

Whether you’re buying a one-person Go Bag because you live alone, or you want each of your family’s bags to have all of the gear in case you get separated from one another, you’re in the right place! We’ll get into the details further down the page so you can comparison shop, but if you’re in a hurry, our top 5 picks are:

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What’s in this guide?

We did the research so you don’t have to! We’ve sorted out your best options from 20+ Go Bags and made sure they meet emergency preparedness guidelines. We cover it all!

I don’t live in a disaster-prone area. Do I still need a Go Bag?

TRICK QUESTION! You do live in a disaster-prone area. 100% of natural disasters occur on Earth, which is where we are certain you live.

Even if you think an emergency isn’t likely for your home, neighborhood, or region, anything can happen. Life throws curveballs at us all the time.

  • Wildfires can start anywhere.
  • Earthquakes happen all over the US, even though California thinks they have a monopoly on them.
  • War – civil or international – can break out any day.
  • Climate change is causing unexpected heavy downpours, floods, and more intense weather events of all kinds.
  • Power outages are inevitable.
  • We’re due for another global pandemic, judging by our drastic misunderstanding of bacterial antibiotic resistance.

Having 72 hours of survival essentials (including copies of your important documents and most cherished photos) ready to go with you out the door when it’s time to go might be what gets you through the worst week of your life.

If you still need convincing, the Department of Homeland Security thinks you should have one for your own personal safety. That doesn’t fill us with confidence about their ability to protect us, but it sure does make having a Go Bag more appealing!

But why should I get a pre-packaged Go Bag?

You can build a Go Bag from scratch if you love to shop and want to make sure every item is perfect, but buying a pre-packaged bag is a convenient way to get started. It can also end up being cheaper, but with better quality items.

  • Researching survival essentials and each piece of specific gear will take a lot of time. Buying all of those items and assembling them? That’s even more time you’d have to commit.
  • When you buy items separately, you pay more. Pre-packaged Go Bags can cost as little as $60 for 3-day survival supplies.
  • If you get a pre-packaged Go Bag that covers your basics, you’ll have more time to spend customizing your bag with the other items you’ll need, like your documents and medications.

And, if you’re like us, you’ll start the project of collecting your Go Bag items, get about halfway through, and either give up or forget that you were working on it. Give yourself the gift of evacuation safety. Buy a pre-packaged Go Bag now before you lose your nerve or get distracted.

No one expects to be evacuated with no time to spare, but it’s much easier to react quickly if your items are already gathered.

Most Trustworthy Pre-Packaged Go-Bags for One – Top 5 Picks

1. Outdoorbae Ready to Go – 3 Day Survival Ultimate Kit

Price: $139

What we liked:

  • Has supplies for 72-hours of survival.
  • Comes in a chest pack which makes the supplies portable and accessible.
  • Is lightweight, as it’s only a little over 6 pounds.
  • Is made with nylon, cotton, stainless steel, and aluminum and thus is very sturdy.
  • Includes items for food, water, lighting, communication, warmth, shelter, hygiene, and first aid. Plus some handy tools.

While waiting for help to arrive or on your way to a safe place, this $139 go-bag will be your life support. Handy, well thought-out, and packed to perfection, this one leaves nothing more to be desired.

Though some might feel the 54-item Go Bag is a little too bustling with things. However, during emergencies, it is better to have something that you don’t need than not have what you do need.

The verdict: A must-buy if you don’t want to compromise, but also not take a big bite out of your current cash flow.

What’s inside the Outdoorbae Ready to Go – 3 Day Survival Ultimate Kit?

Food and Water 
8 – 4 Ounces Water Pouches
6 – 400 Calorie Food Bar (2400 Calories)

Light and Communication 
Tactical Telescoping Waterproof Flashlight with 5 modes and 40x brighter (batteries not included for safe shipping purposes).
4-in-1 Shrill-Sounding Safety Whistle with magnifier, compass, and two-scale thermometer. 

Shelter and Warmth These supplies will provide protection from outside weather forces
These supplies will provide protection from outside weather forces.

Emergency Blanket
Emergency Poncho with Hood

12-in-1 Survival Multitool
25 Feet 9 Strands Paracord 550
2 Mini Carabiners
Steel Folding Shovel
Non-Medical Disposable Mask & Safety Googles
Cut-Resistant Nitrile Gloves

Hygiene & First Aid
10 Items 20 pcs First-Aid Kit in a pouch.
100% Cotton Camo Multipurpose Bandana
Emergency Bathroom Tissue
Vinyl Gloves
Waste Bags

2. ReadyWise Ultimate 3-Day Emergency Survival Backpack

Price: $339.99

What we liked:

  • It is more than just a survival kit. With 30 servings of emergency food, it’s ideal for thriving, even amidst an emergency.
  • Comes with a total of 148 pieces, which makes it one of the most comprehensive options out there.
  • The 112-piece first aid kit is definitely the highlight, as you are most likely to need medical supplies in times of an emergency.
  • Comes with a waterproof tactical backpack so you don’t have to fear water on your escape spree.
  • The food items have a shelf life of up to 15 years so your kit won’t expire soon. Plus, it comes in innovative packaging to preserve the taste.

This survival backpack is convenient, and ideal for thriving (and not just surviving) in emergencies. Though its high cost is a buzzkill, the investment would be worth it.

The verdict: If you’ve got the cash today, safeguard your tomorrow by investing in this ultimate Go Bag.

What’s inside the ReadyWise Ultimate 3-Day Emergency Survival Backpack?

Food & Drink
30 total servings
Appalachian Apple Cinnamon Cereal
Sunrise Strawberry Granola Crunch
Daybreak Coconut Blueberry Multi-Grain
Golden Fields Mac & Cheese (2 Pouches)
Switchback Spicy Asian Style Noodles
Backcountry Wild Rice Risotto
Summit Sweet Potato Curry
Open Range Cheesy Potato Soup (2 Pouches)
Basecamp Four Bean & Vegetable Soup (2 Pouches)
Aqua Liter Water

First Aid & Hygiene
112-Piece First Aid Kit
Sanitizing Wipes (50 Pack)

Other Emergency Supplies
4-in-1 Flashlight: Hand Crank Flashlight, AM/FM Radio, Panic Alarm, & Mobile Phone Charger
Mylar Emergency Blanket
Rechargeable LED Lantern
Paracord Bundle (100 Feet)
5-in-1 Survival Whistle
Foldable Knife
Portable Stove & 24 Fuel Tablets
Cooking Pot Set
4-in-1 Utensil Set (Spoon, Fork, Knife, & Bottle Opener)
Seychelle Water Filtration Bottle
Fire Starter (Flint & Striker)
Waterproof Matches
Wise Fire Starter (6 Pouches)

Additional Details
148 Total Pieces
Includes Waterproof Tactical Backpack
Eat-in Pouches
Each Pouch Contains 2.5 Servings

3. Stansport 1 Person Emergency Survival Kit

Price: $53.99

What we liked:

  • Offers survival essentials on a budget.
  • The food and water have 5+ years of shelf life and US Coast Guard Approval.
  • Comes with an emergency handbook with instructions for various emergencies.
  • Extremely small in size and lightweight. Can be carried out with ease, even by children.
  • Comes with a convenient carry handle for effortless portability.

At under $60, the Stansport 1 Person Emergency Survival Kit is one of the most cost-effective options out there. However, it lacks at least a few emergency essentials. The medical items in the pack also fall short of what you might want to have. But at its price point, it is still a good buy.

The verdict: If you are extremely cash-strapped and looking for a way to ensure survival in case of extreme situations, this one’s a perfect pick.

What’s inside the Stansport 1 Person Emergency Survival Kit?

Purified Water 
Sterile Gauze 
Trauma Pads 
Butterfly Closures
Emergency Handbook
Emergency Blankets

4. Life Gear Wings of Life Emergency Survival Kit

Price: $109.99

What we liked:

  • A great pick at just over $100, as it comes with all that you absolutely need
  • Includes a water-resistant nylon backpack which makes it easy to carry around in any kind of situation – come rain or flood
  • Has a waterproof document bag
  • 3 days of food and water for one person
  • The pack has a padded back which offers support
  • The first aid kit with essential supplies
  • The survival tools and more

While a small backpack may be good to have during emergencies, this one is a bit bigger, but gets you everything you’d require for 72 hours. So it is great for survival.

The verdict: A great alternative to the smaller survival kits; this one is good as a standalone survival kit.

What’s inside the Life Gear Wings of Life Emergency Survival Kit?

Includes these emergency supplies:
3-Day Supply of Food for 1-person (5-year shelf life)
3-Day Supply of Water for 1-person (5-year shelf life)
All Weather Poncho
Thermal Blanket
Hygiene Kit
First Aid Kit
Writing Pad and Pen
Signaling Whistle
Directional Compass
Magnifying Glass
Leather/Cloth Gloves
Respiratory Mask
Red Emergency Flasher
Multi-Function Tool
Waterproof Document Bag
Signaling Mirror

5. ReadyWise 63 Piece Survival Backpack

Price: $89.99

What we liked:

  • Its 32 meal entrees and 6 water pouches make it enough for surviving 5 days.
  • Includes a portable stove for cooking, first aid, hygiene kit, and a Mylar blanket for warmth.
  • The bag comes with enough room to add more items, as per your unique needs.
  • The camo backpack it comes in is lightweight yet sturdy.
  • One of the most budget-friendly options considering the items it has.

The bag doesn’t have utensils and all-in-one tools, but there’s enough space for you to add these and more. So you can buy this one, tuck in your add-ons, and breathe easy.

The verdict: If you want to build your survival backpack, this is a good starting point. Just aAdd what you need to what you already get and you’d be good for 5 days of unforeseen circumstances!.

What’s inside the ReadyWise 5-Day Survival Backpack?

First Aid and Hygiene
37 Piece First-Aid Kit
3 Wet Naps
Pocket Tissues

Food and Drink
6 Pouches of Freeze Dried Food (32 servings)
5 Water Pouches

Heating and Cooking
Portable Stove
4 Fuel Tablets
Waterproof Matches
Stainless Steel Cup

Safety and Convenience
Squeeze Flashlight
Emergency Poncho
Mylar Blanket
5-in-1 Survival Whistle
Deck of Playing Cards

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